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Vision: Thermonuclear Blast in New York! Repent! – Prophetic Healer

Vision: Thermonuclear Blast in New York! Repent! – Prophetic Healer

Published December 28, 2018


hello everyone I’m coming to you today with a couple of visions and then I got a few words and then I got a scripture so I’ll start out with the first vision and that one was where I saw myself walking down a street and a city was New York actually and as I was walking out I could see the buildings on both sides of this long Street and I saw the cars on the street and everything that I saw had been burned it was charred it wa scorched by extreme heat and as I walked down further it came upon what looked like a demon it was a man it was I don’t
know exactly what it was this thing had clothes on but it was crouched over a person that had died I guess by the blast and it was eating its flesh and it turned around it looked at me and when I when it turned around and had a demon face so I don’t know what that was but it was you know pretty scary ok so then after I saw all that I asked the Lord I said Lord show me what happened and so then that’s when he showed me the second vision actually though I was looking down this one direction on the street and so the Lord turned me around to the other end of the street and as I turned
around I saw a huge nuclear blast and
this mushroom cloud was huge and it was in full bloom as it went into full bloom then I saw myself standing in the middle of the street and I saw the heat coming towards me that blast completely engulfed me and it was all around me but there was a shield around me so it didn’t touch me but it was on me on every around me on every side and I saw the fire of that blast it so hot it was red I’d like to see the red from the heat the fire and it was just blazing like if somebody had opened a furnace it was just blazing and it was all around me and I had to put my eyes down I couldn’t look at it was so bright so I put my head down I put my eyes down because I just couldn’t I couldn’t look at it it was just too much I didn’t feel the heat or anything but I saw that it was all around me and the Lord was protecting me so then I got a word it
says here when the sea roars and the
waves arise this is when it will happen the devil seeks to kill steal and
destroy walk in me and abide in my love and you will bear much fruit so then I got a scripture and a scripture is Isaiah 43:2 and that says for the King James Version and that says when thou passes through the waters I will be with thee and through the rivers they shall not overflow thee when thou walk us through the fire thou shalt not be burned neither shall the flame Kindle upon thee so there’s gonna be protection for God’s people for a remnant who has really given their lives over to the Lord and I can’t stress this enough I think I say it in every video but really we have such little time left this is now time to get right with God to put every weight down and trust him fully for your lives and for your sustenance
and his mighty power is gonna flow down and he’s going to touch a lot of people a lot of people that great harvest is coming where they’ll be giving their lives over to the Lord and when his spirit comes down there’s going to be so many people set free delivered healed and it’s going to be amazing an amazing time but also it’s going to be pretty hard times – so if you can stock up with whatever you can with canned goods dry goods containers you know forks and knives and I don’t know lighter fluid and candles and matches and lighters and just food but um containers of water or whatever you can do to store up because there’s going to be a time of upheaval of evil like never before so we really need to get everything ready um this next year all of this is gonna start getting pretty bad worse than we’ve ever seen and it’s just gonna roll right into Great Tribulation so get your houses in order get your hearts ready before the Lord repent of everything any kind of unforgiveness bitterness just whatever the Holy Spirit speaks to you about really seek the Lord about this with fasting and prayer and get yourself ready because we’re going in now so alright thank you so much forwatching this video if you would like please share like and subscribe to this channel and just get your hearts right get ready in every way that you can and just be safe alright god bless you you take care bye bye

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