Vision: The removal of the first seal – Jason Brierly

Jason Brierly

September 9, 2018

About a week ago I was led to look up something about the 7 seals of the apocalypse so I the process I had a very strong vision of a scroll with writing on both sides and 7 seals on it…that was followed abruptly by “Michael, angel of the Lord, Jesus Christ is God…” over a period of time in my walk I have been receiving scrolls from the 7 archangels of the Lord and digesting them to receive
commands and revelation of the mystery of the gospel and so forth, so I’m no stranger to this process however this time was different…where before I usually see in the spirit just a scroll which appears to me as white/iridescent, this time the outline of the rolled up scroll was white/iridescent, there were this time 7 seals which were red, and the writing I saw on the outside was red (I take the color red as the scroll being covered in the blood of the sacrificial Lamb)…I’m told by the archangel Gabriel that I am bearing witness of the removal of these seals by the eating of this scroll, so that I may digest the contents and record via writing by Holy Spirit’s guidance the contents of the scroll, that I may stand in agreement in Yeshua’s name so God’s will be done on the earth as it is in heaven as I minister before and to Him with the heavens bearing witness, Jesus the Messiah, Yeshua HaMashiac is God…so today, I just had an incredibly strong vision of the first seal on the scroll I ate and I see the seal being removed, so in Yeshua’s name I stand in agreement at which point I find a fierce focus on that seal…I’m recognizing through digesting this scroll that this will be a process very similar to when I discerned the 7 thunders mentioned in the book of revelation via the process of revelation through Yeshua…I’m seeing the removal of the first seal and with that I see a vision of the son of perdition/bamah taking a stage before a large crowd of people wearing the anonymous mask (people bearing the image of the beast) and standing behind a podium…hanging from the front of the podium I see an American flag torn up the middle with half of the flag caught on fire…hanging behind the American flag as though blended into one flag, from between the rip up the middle I see an Israeli flag as the star of David appears singed and covered in the soot from the ripped American flag…end vision…Jesus the Messiah, Yeshua HaMashiac is God…(Tst5)

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