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Vision: The Great Falling Away – Jacky Julyan

Vision: The Great Falling Away – Jacky Julyan

January 9, 2019


Vision received 6th January 2019 ….. Jesus always opens with ‘Write down what you see’….

Habakkuk 2:2-3, Habakkuk 1:14-17, Habakkuk 3:17-19

Jacky I am going to show you about wicked soul ties. When it is time I want you to share the vision. Satan knows about wicked soul ties because he created them.

Jacky, ‘What do you see in front of you?’

‘I see a very large fishing hook. I see it as magnified and I am seeing it through a microscope. It also reminds me of an enormous meat hook but this hook has jagged edges liken to those on a chain saw’.

‘What else do you see Jacky?’ Jesus asks

‘I see many men and women on the floor, they are tightly packed like sardines in a tin. The hook that I see has many fine lines, just like a fishing line. These fishing lines go from the main enormous hook to each person on the floor. I see these people cannot move as though they are tied down onto the floor’.

‘What else do you see Jacky?’ Jesus asks

I see that it is a small room, like a cell in a prison except there is a door which is wide open. I see a man sat on a very small wooden child’s chair. This man is wearing a very expensive suit, he is immaculate and incredibly handsome. I look at his face and I see it is the face of a man known as Obama, Barack Obama the last President of the United States of America. I see him glance nonchalantly around this prison cell with disdain and says,

‘You are free to go ……’.

This man is manicuring his nails as he speaks and doesn’t even look at the people on the floor. He continues to speak,

‘When you renounce your faith in Jesus – whoever he is – I don’t know him, then I will let you go’.

I look into this vision and see that just outside the prison door which is still open that there are many small children. They are aged from small babes up to ten years old. I then see one of the older children, around ten years and she shouts out to the men and women on the prison cell floor,

‘Don’t give in to this man, he will kill you anyway, hold fast to Jesus!’.

I can see that there are many angels protecting these children and I can also see the angels are whispering words of scripture to shout out to all the people in the cell. Barack Obama never once looks at the children because he is oblivious they are there, he cannot see them for they are hidden in Christ.

I say to Jesus ‘Why are these men and women in this cell and tied down?’

Jesus replies, ‘Watch Jacky and listen, all shall be revealed’.

I see now that Jesus is standing in the middle of this prison cell and his head touches the height of the ceiling. He is wearing a white linen, seamless, simple cloth over his entire body. The light emanating from Him is blindingly white. His eyes are searching like a red lazar beam into each person on the prison floor.

I can also see now that Obama who is still sitting on this child’s chair has a black scarf around his eyes like a blind-fold. He seems oblivious and unconcerned about this and continues to manicure his nails as though he can see everything. I also see that there is a small demon, black from head to toe, dwarf-like spitting on Obama’s shoes and then polishing them over and over again. Spitting and polishing, spitting and polishing over and over again.

I am now positioned standing by the children where the door is opened unto the prison cell. The children are all sheltered under the angels’ wings. As I look into the prison cell from this angle I see that there are hundreds of men and women whereas before I thought it looked like just half a dozen. Jesus has now opened up my vision into a panoramic view. Incredulously I see that the shape of this cell is the exact shape on the map as the United States of America.

I hear Jesus speak into my spirit,

‘Jacky, watch, I will show you more things in the spiritual and then in the natural’.

At this point I can now see Jesus standing literally upon these men and women tied down on the floor. Jesus’ feet fill the entire land of the USA, His eyes are blazing and out of His mouth is the most gigantic double-edged sword. I could see Jesus pouring out His wrath onto every nation of people’s in the USA.

I continue to look at the people on the floor of this prison cell and now I can see many fishing lines, they seem to be increasing dramatically and they are going from each person into the man Barack Obama. Obama is still sat upon this small wooden child’s chair and is still blind-folded. I notice now there are two small demons, exactly the same, clothed in black from head to toe. They look so evil and disgusting. One demon is continuing to spit and polish as too is the other demon but on the other shoe of Obama.

‘Keep your eyes upon Me Jacky, don’t look at the evil. These people who you see have made an alliance with this man in their heart. Their soul has made a tie with his way and his wickedness’.

Jesus speaks this and still stands upon the nation of the USA except now I can see that the roof of this prison cell in the shape of the USA which had a covering is now wide open. I see Jesus drawing back this covering over the land of the USA just like a scroll and lean from the West to the East to pull it back. All the land from North, South, East and West is now totally uncovered and Jesus shows me that America is totally unprotected. I see how exposed everything is before Jesus, His eyes are still blazing and I see many words flashing out of His mouth like lightning from the double-edged sword.

I see that Barack Obama has now grown whilst sitting on this child’s chair and is now upon a red velvet throne-like seat. Upon his head is a crown of thorns but in pure gold. I see more and more fishing lines hooking up from the people into the huge hook attached to Obama. He is smiling but it is an evil smile, wicked, I see just how wicked he really is but sadly the people cannot see the evil heart of Obama. Then Barack Obama speaks in this vision,

‘Come to me children of America, deny this Jesus, whoever he is – I don’t know him – I am now the one who can save you. I am your messiah now – I don’t know who this Messiah Jesus is – anyone who follows this man, whoever He is, shall have his head chopped off’.

Then Obama was drawing to my surprise all the fishing lines from the multitude of people into his enormous meat-like hook. The people get up willingly off the floor as dead men, zombies and they walk straight towards him with outstretched hands.

He speaks to them,

‘Yes, come to me, I will feed you, I will bring peace to this nation’.

I see Obama’s hands outstretched, he is wearing a black suit and an upside-down cross. His arms outstretched too, as though he is Christ on the cross. I saw him whispering lies, sweet lies and multitudes and multitudes of people were running to him. I looked in horror at this scene and then to Jesus. Jesus is still standing so tall, so incredibly tall, His large feet filling the whole land of America.

Jesus is weeping, weeping uncontrollably, He is weeping so much but I see that He did not stop these people going to Obama. In desperation I cry out,

‘Jesus, O Jesus, what can you do? O Jesus what is going to happen LORD? What is going to happen to them?’

Whilst speaking I run straight into the skirts of Jesus’ white linen tunic and hide myself because I am very afraid. I see that many tears continue to fall from Jesus’ eyes and onto the ground by His Feet. It looks like a river of tears and they flow more and more and the waters even rose. I noticed that these river waters are as crystal.

Still crying Jesus whispers to me,

‘Jacky, look around you now, what do you see?’

I peep out from under Jesus’ skirt tunic and I see tiny lamps all lit up across the land of America. Such tiny lamps but shining brightly. I could see that there were still many people who had not run into the arms of this man Obama this great deceiver. I saw that these lighted communities were small and scattered, far apart, hidden and under cover. I could see small-like umbrellas as a protection over these communities, believers in Jesus. I also saw mighty strong angels each one standing at each community.

Jesus still continues to weep openly, His heart-broken and yet in the midst of this I can see His love towards those who have clung to Jesus and His Name and what He has done for them on the cross.

‘You can come out now Jacky, come and tell me what you see now?’

Then to my amazement I see a multitude of crystal clear rivers of waters coming from Mount Zion and I know in my spirit that these are The Living Waters from heaven’s throne.

‘See Jacky, not everyone has bowed the knee to Baal. I have reserved for Myself, a Remnant, 7,000 unto Myself for I am in the few Jacky, My Word is true’.

Trying to take it all in I speak up and ask Jesus,

‘But what about the others Jesus?’

I can see in the far distance how a terrible darkness was descending almost like liquid coal, so black and very frightening.

‘Jacky’, Jesus replies ‘You have just witnessed the great falling away. This was the final day of the Valley of Decision. I let them go because that is what they have chosen’.

‘Is that it LORD!’ I exclaim ‘Does that mean …..? I couldn’t even finish the sentence, I couldn’t say the word ‘hell’ such was the anguish in my soul.

Jesus quietly explains to me

‘It was not My desire child, but I do not cross the sacred boundary of man’s freewill’.

Jesus continues to stare at the ground with many tears still falling onto the ground. He continues to speak.

‘It gives me no pleasure child, My heart is broken. Their souls were tied to this earth, to the treasures of this world. They could not let go of their idols no matter how much goodness I gave to them’.

Then in a serious note Jesus continues to speak on something else,

‘Jacky, share what you have witnessed for this has not happened yet, but it will very soon, very soon. Share this vision, tell them the Kingdom of God is at Hand and that the people’s’ redemption draweth nigh….. tell the people to repent for this world and all its desires shall pass away…. yes, tell them to come to Me, Jesus the lover of their souls. Tell the people to repent and receive forgiveness for their sins’.

Jesus continues,

‘Tell My people, that this vision shall not tarry but shall be fulfilled very quickly. The time is so very short, the door of grace and mercy is coming to an end, yes, tell the people what you have seen in this vision for the end is nigh upon the people of this nation of America’.

Then I saw a very wide luxurious red velvet curtain fall swiftly as though it was the end of a cinema or theater production and I saw emboldened in gold the words.


‘The just shall live by faith’.


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