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Vision: The earth just split wide open – Sonya Leathers

Sonya Leathers

September 24, 2018

Hello everyone I’ve got something very important to share with you.. It’s been heavy on my spirit because of the times we are truly living in As Biblical Prophecy unfolds…

On Friday, September 21, 2018 its was about 11:58-59am and I was reading My Bible for study & revelation from The Holy Spirit @ Chapter 3 in The book of Jeremiah.. I’m not really paying much attention just focusing on my reading and all of the sudden I felt almost like I was losing consciousness or dizzy like my equilibrium was off or something and it’s like the paragraph of scripture in the chapter all ran together on the page at the section I was reading, it started looking like a road map…kinda hard to pinpoint a real outline of roads on it as it started progressing into a map of small mountains & as I kept looking wondering what the heck was I seeing here.. it’s like it animated into a mountain as if I was looking down upon it…like if I had been in flight on a helicopter or airplane looking directly down at it..& it started to rise up like it was going to split wide open & the shaking back and forth then it did split open as if the entire thing was breaking loose and cracking open all over it & I could see the mountains in a greenish blue grayish color… actually it looked like the color of money.. I saw no vegetation or leafy greenery, The land looked desolate from above looking down & I felt a heaviness and despair it was terrifying to watch.. it looked so catastrophic.. it was happening so fast, it was so strange, it felt so real.. it went from flat looking as it was splitting open & the higher the mountain would rise up and split open it looked as if the earth was splitting open like an earthquake…all throughout this section of the map of the mountain the earth was cracking and splitting open all around it…sections big and small growing bigger as it split open.. The earth just split wide open and it was awful looking…it was grey looking over everything I was looking down on and it was so powerful it was moving in slow motion as it did, but was happening so fast…the destruction of it was getting worse and worse as it took place.. all I could do was shake my head back and forth in shock at what I was looking at and experiencing here…then it stopped.. I’ve been trying to analyze and process exactly what the heck I had witnessed… It happened so very very fast.. within 2 minutes before I shook myself to reality or whatever I’m to call what happened to me!
I will take this to The Lord & pray about it and I know God will reveal to me the significance of what I saw as I was reading His Word!
I’m still shocked about this.. I’ve never ever experienced anything like this in my life.. nonetheless I feel whatever I just experienced it has much significance in these last days as Biblical Prophecy unfolds… I implore you to use discernment and go to The Lord in prayer and ask God over this. The Urgency of what I feel within my bones is God is about to split something wide open on this earth & it’s at the door! Please consider your walk in this life and where you plan to spend eternity..
I love you all so very very much..
God Bless You All!!

Joel 2:28
Acts 2

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