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Vision: “THE DIE IS CAST” – Patti Huson

Patti Huson

Friday November 30, 2018

I was outside tonight feeding my dogs. I am always alone in the backyard sitting with no thoughts and I attentively watch all my three dogs eating. Funny, the Lord loves to talk to me while I’m there. Tonight all if a sudden in my spirit I hear the Lord say, “THE DIE IS CAST”….Then a vision comes before me. I see a hand with dice, and he rolls the dice out onto the dirt. A five appears on one cube, and a two on the other. In my mind I felt a sudden feeling of sadness. I thought, oh no, seven is the Lord number. Then the Lord brought to my mind in January 2019 the SEVENTH blood moon will appear. I looked up the definition of a die being cast meaning as I do not play cards or dice and have no idea any words or meaning. And today the 7.0 earthquake in Alaska. The Lord downloaded into my spirit the meaning of the dice being rolled into the dirt and dust……it is man,this is the fate of man, judgement and it cannot be changed.

the die is cast

phrase of die
an event has happened or a
decision has been made that
cannot be changed.

When the 6th seal opens…

The earth is utterly broken,

the earth is split apart,

the earth is violently shaken.

The earth staggers like a drunken
man; it sways like a hut; its
transgression lies heavy upon it, and
it falls, and will not rise again.

On that day the LORD will punish the
host of heaven, in heaven, and the
kings of the earth, on the earth.
Isaiah 24

Its 50 days to the final 7th blood moon, we have 50 states and an America president died today, 7.0 earthquake

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  1. Aubry Leighton

    Yes, Sister, the die IS cast.

    I am not allowed to say too much, but this is to let the children of OUR Father know to seek Yeshuah out further in his touching our lives in every expression of HIMSELF. There are many hidden things which God is speaking to us, not just in our connections to His Spirit. This is NOT the time to be mixing milk with meat. We must separate ourselves from the World (system) especially now. Friendship/alliance with the World is ENMITY with God. (Genesis 3:15) The laws of Kosher were set into practice to strengthen the Understock which would bear the Firstfruits of God:YESHUAH and HIS Firstfruits: His Beloved in Himself. Remember Yeshuah’s words: I have not come to destroy the Law, but to fulfill it.

    Kosher was established for the purpose of gaining insight into the deeper ways of God and knowledge of Him intimately, while at the same time helping His obedient children learn self-discipline when Yeshuah would fulfill the LAW in Himself and become THE PERFECT LAW OF LIBERTY (His name means Salvation with sub-tones of LIBERTY–from slavery to THIS world and its master: The Father of Lies: a Murderer AND a Thief since the Beginning.)

    The Jews learn primarily from this commandment this interpretation from separating milk from meat: COMPASSION. When we consume milk (as a nomadic herding people this would have been a basic and obvious lesson), WE are consuming the nourishment of the young calf and taking from its natural source of bonding with its mother. To eat meat with milk would be equivalent to not only taking what God created to nourish HIS Creation and the Creatures in it, but to dominate over the innocent young, but to add cruelty to the calf by devouring its MOTHER, his bond with the Source of comfort and affection of motherly love. It would be heartlessness, which is the first step into taking a step into breaking the Natural Order of Creation which leads to reprobate minds and perversion and unnatural carnality to adulteration of God’s Temple: our bodies. It is like bedding down with Satan HIMSELF, why we become adultresses in God’s eyes. BE NOT as the Heathen.

    The WHOLE LAW, the SPIRIT OF THE LAW, a Jewish teaching of the SAGES of Israel were establishing the WISDOM of Jewish thought and practice in those few hundred years before Yeshuah entered the world rested upon Yeshuah’s quote from Scripture and that famous Sage’s teaching:

    The whole LAW is THIS: Thou shalt love thy God with ALL your heart, with ALL your mind and with ALL your strength;after this, Thou shall love YOUR NEIGHBOR, even as You love Yourself. It is simple, direct and enough to guide a soul even through the Valley of Death…which WE ARE ALL BEING CALLED TO DO THIS DAY.

    Now, as to THIS LESSON God is presenting to us: God’s WAYS are NOT OUR ways. His WAY is summed up in the Person and Authority of Yeshuah:HIS ONLY BELOVED BEGOTTEN SON. The Jews are so meticulous about respecting TORAH, that EVEN THE LETTERS in the Scriptures have meaning AND the EMPTY SPACES BETWEEN the letters have something to teach us. My earliest teaching in the first weeks of my walk with Yeshuah was from a Jewish Theologian: “The SILENCE OF SCRIPTURE has as much to speak to us as God’s WRITTEN WORD. When God speaks to us, we need to pay attention–EVEN MORESO when HIS WORDS are short and small.

    DIE IS CAST…These words are SPEAKING VOLUMES to me. Yeshuah in the Gospels is CONSTANTLY demonstrating HIS CONCERN WITH SMALL THINGS. Things WE are thoughtless to or ignore, Yeshuah held significance and importance to. When speaking of the LAW, Yeshuah said NOT ONE JOT OR TITLE WOULD PASS AWAY UNTIL ALL IS FULFILLED. He was speaking of PUNCTUATION MARKS.

    The LITTLE children. Bring Me THE SCRAPS. They who are faithful in THAT which IS LEAST, are faithful also in Great things. Thou good and faithful servant, thou hast been faithful over a FEW things. He who would be GREAT among you shall be LEAST among you. Great and Small are EQUIVALENT in God’s eyes. This is a UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLE.

    JESUS WEPT. The shortest sentence in God’s WORD. THESE WORDS are what is driving GOD’s judgement even as HE IS DEMONSTRATING HIS MIGHTY ACTS OF JUDGEMENT we are witnessing first hand.

    I throw this out to you, my Brethren: Why did Yeshuah cry out MY GOD! MY GOD! Why have you FORSAKEN Me?!

    I know why, but I am not permitted to tell you. If Yeshuah’s final words were IT IS FINISHED, why are we left with this mystery just before He died?

    Our brother, Paul, often spoke of a Great Mystery. I’m telling you THERE IS MORE TO THESE WORDS THAN YOU ARE HEARING. They are the UNSPOKEN words God is keeping. Ask, He is faithful to those who diligently seek HIM.


    Albert Einstein is very famously quoted as saying:


    Another physicist trying to break the MYSTERY of Einstein’s greatest contribution to particle physics and modern thought (E=Mc squared) retorted in one of his last lectures in the audience of the greatest minds of the time at Cal Tech:

    Ah, but God DOES play dice with the Universe–and SOMETIMES, He throws them where THEY CAN’T BE SEEN.

    I’m saying BOTH of these statements are true. It is as this other famous quotation says: GOD IS IN THE DETAILS.

    Pay attention, my Brethren. GOD IS SAYING MORE HERE. NOW!

    You will learn the MYSTERY now or later, and like Yeshuah, you WILL cry out in anguish yourself when the MYSTERY is unveiled. I did…flat on my face in repentance after my piercing scream couldn’t be stifled. “I didn’t know. Forgive me. Oh, my GOD!! Forgive Me.” I wept.

    Armagheddon is not a place. Sometimes words have two meanings.

    Armagheddon translates as THE UNVEILING.

    Listen to whatthe Spirit is speaking to the churches.


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