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Vision: Safe In His Hands through the Storm – Victoria Ang

Victoria Ang


I wanted to share a vision and brief word I heard from the Lord today! As most of you know I have been going through much attacks. So I have been fasting and praying and doing much intercession !

So this morning I was given a vision of the Lords hands that where outstretched from heaven . His hands where enormous ! I sat in the middle of his hands that where in a cupped position. His hands where set above an ocean! And outside his hands the winds and waves raged! Water was rising and the clouds where very dark . A huge storm raged outside of his hands but at times I was still getting wet from the water seeping through as the winds picked up speed. But remained safe! I clung onto his hand and one of his fingers because of the size.And remained safe but still wet from the water! The vision ended…..

What it means is as long as we hold steadfast to the Lord we will stay protected under his covering. Despite all that rages around ! Getting wet from the storm means that discomfort will still be felt from the storm but no real physical harm will come !…..As I continued to stay in prayer I heard the Lord say… “ BEHOLD I COME QUICKLY””!!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Meaningful Word!

  2. Fred

    What a very beautiful illustration. Great job to whoever drew this

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