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Vision: Prophetic Alert *Atlanta* – William Tyrone Jackson II

William Tyrone Jackson II

April 2, 2018

Prophetic Alert *Atlanta*

I see the background perversion behind the Atlanta pulpits bubbling over. Everything that was hidden, I see it seeping through the doors. I hear/see God sending angels to “knock” at the different doors of pastors in Atlanta calling them to repentance and those that do not repent will face judgement and exposure. ONE form of judgement will be/is a sexually transmitted disease that is/will float around different pastors that either mess with the same people or each other. It will almost be like a NETWORKING STD, I see it interconnected with different ministries in Atlanta. I see the potential for media exposure… This is dependent on their repentance! There are so many gay pastors in Atlanta that many would not suspect and God’s hand of grace will be pulled back for a time to show them the importance of repentance. If repentance does not take place, I see a door shut with a lock automatically falling into place. This would be death(spiritually carrying over into the natural). I see these pastors and ministers in general being “cleaned out” from the bottom of a pan. God is pursing Holiness in the pulpits of Atlanta!

I see a very deadly tornado striking Atlanta. This would be one or represent a string of them(one that will gather attention separate from the other tornadoes that they have seen). I heard “shelter”. People will see safety and some will not find it. I see aid going to Atlanta because of this. I personally believe with prayer and repentance, this can be delayed. I personally believe based on the way I am seeing it, it is tied to the above prophecy.

God says that He is tired of the “scary prophets” that are scared to tell these undercover ministers to repent due to the fact they want to have a “Good” reputation among man. The Lord said that He will rip even the platform that many have now to show them that promotion does not come from man, but from Him alone! The Lord has some, but is ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR PROPHETS IN ATLANTA(MINISTERS IN GENERAL AS WELL) THAT WILL TELL THOSE IN MINISTRY PERVERSION TO REPENT… I hear God saying “Whom shall I send!?”… The Lord will send a tornado(trouble) into the ministries that have left Him!

God is calling for repentance!


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