Vision: Pope & Obama Looked like Count Dracula, City Destroyed, Zombies – Tonya Becker

Tonya Becker

July 17, 2018

Prophetic Vision: Last night I was in prayer and asked God for a vision of what is to come and I saw in the spirit and old monistery and the doors opened up on its own and a flock of birds flew out of it…

I walked inside and there were cob webs everywhere and it was pitch dark…skeletons and dead bodies were laying in the pews…

I walked to the pulpit and there was obama and the pope..obama looked like Count Dracula…the pope was trying to do a ceremony and all of a sudden…obama morphed into a bat and he flew out of the old church…

I then walked outside and the large city that I was in was all destroyed…tall sky scrapers demolished and glass and metal all over the place…trash all in the streets and no sign of life anywhere

The scene changed and I was inside of a home and an African American family were barricaded inside of their home with boards on the doors and windows and they were at their dinner table trying to eat a large turkey..I felt that it was Thanksgiving time..they were scared of the people outside but tried to remain calm by praying to Jesus

I looked outside their window and could see peoele trying to get in and they looked like zombies…they were infected somehow and they were not able to think rational…their minds were altered and they wanted to kill the family inside

I know this sounds like the show the walking dead and that was exactly how it looked and felt…

Take this to the Lord in prayer and keep your eyes on November….a brother in Christ BJ Cothron just told me today hat he got a vision of ww3 coming in nov!

If anyone has any confirmation on this..please post below and please share and get saved and be ready for some crazy times are coming!

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