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Vision: POPE FRANCIS,THE FALSE PROPHET – Rachael Mushala Chisulu

Rachael Mushala Chisulu


yesterday on Friday,18th January 2019,shortly before the time of my midnight prayer, as I slept,an angel of the Lord came to me.
He stood in mid air,a little above my bed, and he began talking to me about the end times.
The angel stretched out his hand and brilliant white light came forth from his hand and this light went straight to the wall of my bedroom and as it hit the wall,I saw words forming.
He was writing quotations from the book of Daniel!
As He wrote and read the scriptures to me,I remembered these words are in the book of Daniel 7,and Daniel 8.
The angel ended the writing with Daniel 8:26 “and the vision of the morning which was told is true:wherefore shut thou up the vision; for it shall be for many days.”
After he had read this last sentence, he turned to look at me and said ,”THESE WORDS ARE SURE,AND WILL SOON BE FULFILLED.”
The he left.
Today,19th January, 2019, in the afternoon, I was waiting on the Lord after praying when I saw a vision.
In my vision, I saw a situation of some conflict that seemed to have been sparked by some religious differences.
I then saw pope Francis standup to address people and he said,” it doesn’t matter,we are all just the same and there’s no difference. Let’s have a one world religion! ”
While in the vision, I expected him to face much opposition because I couldn’t imagine how everyone could just put aside their differences and unite in such a manner.
But to my shock,it was as if his words had some sort of magnet to pull people to him because immediately he said this,everyone agreed with him!
The scene was as though this was something really good and people were extremely eager to follow him.
I saw people rushing, going towards the pope.And I saw some first go back to their houses to get their entire families and go to him.
It seemed as though almost everyone gladly accepted this one world religion.
The vision ended.

Pope Francis is the false prophet of Revelations 13:11-18.He will team up with the Anti Christ and will cause the whole world to worship the beast and to take his mark.
The Lord wants us to know that the time for all that He had revealed to His prophets concerning the end “will be fulfilled very soon.”
Time is no more,let’s get our lives right with God.
If you can’t give up sin and follow God now when no one is threatening to kill you,what makes you think you will be ready to give up your life and refuse to take the mark of the beast?You will gladly receive it.

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