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Vision: Persecution of the Saints – Mayra M. Andrade

Mayra M. Andrade

December 24, 2018 at 9:39 PM

This vision was given to me in July 2014

I begin to see that I am in a mini van with well-known people. I realized that something changed in the atmosphere. Everyone in the van was stunned and scared. The truth was that there was no safe place to go. After a long drive looking for places we arrived at a place where someone told us that there was a lot of danger for the believers. You had to find a safe place to hide. It was not easy. At last we find something. Over time the hiding places were discovered. The situation became very difficult for the believers. Because the hunger began . It was terrible there was no water and a lack of hygiene! diseases, there was no medicine. There were many sick people. The same people who were chasing us were going through needs too. The persecution went by stages. the second stage. it was horrible !!! Well, unfortunately the same ones who were with you in hiding began to distrust in one another. They began to watch for themselves. There was a lot of betrayal. nobody trusted anyone. Fear took control of humanity. Now people watched over themselves..

Nobody wants to hear about these things of gloom and doom. People just want to hear things that tickle their ears . May God have mercy on them. Gods is been speaking and speaking of judgments. His judgments begins in his house. His people refused to talk about what God has been speaking through his prophets to warn his people. It is necessary to seek God. Repent turn away from all distractions. Watch and pray at all times. We need to care of our salvation with fear and trembling. The groom arrives for his bride she must be ready clean spotless without stain and without wrinkles. Fill your oil lamps. Do not depend on anyone’s oil. Look for it in your prayer time and in his word. DO NOT depend on the oil of your pastors. DO NOT … depend on the oil of the intercessors of your church. Look for YOUR oil in your intimacy with God in fasting prayer studying his word obeying his commands. Let us be like the prudent virgins. to go with the Beloved Jesus. What a glorious moment it will be. I was so excited to just think how happy we will be with him. God who alerts us why He loves us.

Amos 3: 7-8

7 For Jehovah the Lord will do nothing, without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets. 8 If the lion roars, who will not fear? If the Lord God speaks, who will not prophesy?


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