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Vision: People Burning In Fire & MESSAGE OF THE LORD – Sergio Peter Rodriguez

Sergio Peter Rodriguez

May 19, 2018

I had a vision yesterday early between 4 to 5 a.m. I was praying with brothers and sisters and I was lifting them up to the court of the Lord. I humble myself and the Lord got me from my head and turn me around and told me what do you see?”. I responded I see people burning in fire. The Lord said “Much destruction is coming because many have not came to repentance.” the Lord grab my hand like a child and said “walk with me” he was sad in spirit and also had righteous anger. He was crying and said “Many slander my name and treat me like I am nothing but soon they will see, who will they call out for help?”

A few seconds ago the Lord gave me this other message:

When will they come to my liking a wicked generation perverse seeking after fleshly desires?

Where is your meekness where is your humbleness you treat me like trash?

Humble yourselves oh Israel. I weep for your time is coming, much disaster is coming. Oh Israel I weep for the children of Israel Children of the most high who abandon my scriptures.

How much greatness have I stored up for you but you must come to repentance that I may cleanse you from your sins. A wicked generation how much longer must I be with you.

Oh how much longer must my spirit wheep.
Oh how much longer must my heart wheep with bitterness. Oh my children my heart hurts.

Why must I come to this, why must there be so much denial, why must my name be slandered amongst this generation. Oh Wicked and perverse generation seeking after your own lust and fleshly desires. Humble yourselves my children and come to repentance. Deny yourself, take your cross daily and follow me once again I repeat I will cleanse you of your sins


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