By Julie Whedbee

Saturday, June 24, 2017


On the night of June 24 after communion during prayer, I was shown a vision.

I was at the Throne before Yahushua, along with all the members of the Bride world-wide. We were face down and on our knees in adoration and humility, dressed for battle and spiritually armed. In the Spirit, there was a call sent forth by Yahushua, a spiritual shofar or trumpet call that went forth, drawing us collectively to attention before Him. Yahushua was in full white, gold and red battle attire, holding a sceptor and with a glorious crown, He is King of kings! He was very powerful and mighty in His appearance. He was stoic and quite serious. It seemed several minutes of ‘our time’ went by while we were in His soaking presence.

He then spoke to us together “BELOVED RISE”. In one motion, the Bride as a whole, stood before Him. There were people of every race, age, walk of life, and culture that we know here on earth. He spoke again to us. “There is no more time. Your journeys as you have known them are coming to an end. All will be fulfilled. For most of you, the paths you have walked have been extremely difficult. You are My chosen because you have prevailed through it all, holding fast to My promises, trusting Me and praying for continued faith to move forward. I understand all you have been through but I know your hearts. I chose you and I love you. I know each heart, and I know you love Me. They hated Me much more than they hate you. They persecuted Me more than you have been persecuted. You are presented here to fulfill your final tasks.”

While He was speaking, I was shown in the spirit all at once, each person’s obstacles, distractions, stumbling blocks, attacks of the enemy, betrayals, etc., the tests and trials of refining for each one; everything that took place over the course of each one’s life. I saw the dark cloud of the enemy and how hard he had worked to keep each chosen one from their purpose, from the relationship that Father had created intimately for each one. I saw the discouragement, resistance, doubt, fear, hopelessness at times, frustration, and weakness as each one continued on the path to holiness for His name’s sake; following the extremely narrow but lighted path towards Yahushua, eyes always focused on our Savior. I saw all those who had persevered even when curses and spells had been prayed against them. Although the darkness around and coming at each one was intense to say the least, the path was protected and impenetrable for those who chose to walk on it. A pinpoint of light it seemed amongst such gross darkness.

Yahushua then paused again for some time before He spoke again.
“All you who are the forgotten, the lowly, the outcast, the homeless, the poor, those that this world threw away, those who were nobody on the earth, COME FORWARD.” There was a small group that was suddenly directly in front of Yahushua.
“This world may not have cared of your existence, of who you are, and may have forgotten you, but you will never be forgotten here. Well done My faithful ones, welcome home.” This small group turned around towards the rest of us, because they are the humblest of all, not wanting to leave until they knew their tasks were complete, because their hearts are to serve, but Yahushua told them to turn back around. He said to them, “No, you will not be going back, you’re coming home, your work is done.” As we all watched, the windows of Heaven opened and we could all see for a brief moment into the Heavens and it’s glory as He took them home for eternity.

“Now, there is no time. Turn around.” We all turned around toward the earth, and it was burning and it was dark, and it was so demonic, people killing people everywhere, complete horror. He spoke. “I am the Lord of the Harvest. We have more work to do. Are you with Me?” We all turned back around, all immovable and steadfast, eyes fixed on Him. “Behold My Glory!!”And a blanket came down, the Glory of God, like an iridescent bluish veil over the entire body, and it merged the body of the Bride into One Spirit, His Spirit. We were suddenly, completely and instantly transformed from the top of our heads to our feet, glowing with His brightness, and as the Word says, “we shall be like Him”.

“It’s time. Help Me save them. Help Me bring them home.”

He made me to know instantly that we had only a very, very brief ‘window of time’ as we know it to complete the harvest after we are transformed, before He brought us home as well.

Please, go to Yahushua directly with this vision and allow Him to instruct you personally. You will receive your counsel and He will personally impart to you all that you need. This is His promise.


Julie daughter of the King at Saturday, June 24, 2017

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