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Vision of Navy ship sinking – Servant of Adonai

Vision of Navy ship sinking

May 13, 2020 12:08 AM
Servant of Adonai

I was reading the vision or dream posted by Gwendolyn Song about the sinking of the USS Abraham Lincoln. I know this will happen soon so I didn’t really think about it too much. I know It is a big deal, I should have been praying against it but I wasn’t.

I have prayed about it in the past and I’ve had a vision of one of the ships getting hit in the daytime. Later as I went into prayer so I didn’t have this on my mind at all and I saw a huge gray thing sticking straight up, like a giant gray point coming up and I thought am I seeing the ship because I though that is the only thing that could possibly be, but I didn’t understand why it was sticking straight up like that it seemed odd to me, how could something so huge do that. Then I saw really intense BRIGHT, super bright flashing light and I heard pop pop pop like a crackling sound and I started to see in my mind a ship on fire and then all I saw was just darkness and it was so still and silent. I could make out the destroyed ship like parts of it and debris and bodies mostly alive and although it was so dark I couldn’t see clearly but I just knew there was dead bodies and parts and blood.

And then I just had this sinking feeling of realization, like a connection i never made about the reality of this situation- there will surely be sharks, and there are alot of people alive in the water.  So I immediately started to google search and find that website that had all the visions and prophecies all together of this happening because i hadn’t read all of them and I wanted to see if they were similar to what I had seen to confirm what i saw but I couldnt find it anywhere!

If anyone reading this has it can you put in in comments thanks. But during that search I came across the story of the Indianapolis navy ship disaster of 1945. I am familiar with this because as a child I was obsessed with sharks and I read this story over and over again. So that was as a child so I’m reading this article many years later about that again and to my suprise the description of the boat exploding looks exactly how I saw it like the stearn or whatever it is just shooting up into the air and almost or completely flipping over, its just SO big! I just would’ve imagined it exploding but staying kind of still and just burning up and sinking but I guess had I really thought about it that would make sense like in Titanic the ship goes up before it sinks but I just forgot.

So there were so many other similarities you should really check it out. It also appeared to be planned which is so crazy but not really. It was also at midnight when it hit. So check out the article that was a BIG confirmation of this whole vision. So God lead me strongly and urgently to share this and I am sorry its so sloppy. I believe He told me this was not a torpedo or bomb but like some kind of advanced Iranian Russian weapon.

Received 5-13-20
Servant of Adonai


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