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Vision of my 8 year old, San Francisco earthquake – Cornell de Beer


Vision of my 8 year old, San Francisco earthquake

August 1, 2020 5:55AM
Cornell de Beer

Dear brothers and sisters .

Last night my son told me he had a vision of a big earthquake in San Francisco. I asked him how he knew it was San Francisco and he said the Lord told him so. Please note we live in the UK, tho his geographic knowledge is excellent he didn’t know the bridge that he saw was the Golden Gate Bridge.

The vision started with him seeing cars driving on what he called a suspension bridge. Then the cars start to shake greatly from side to side and the bride collapse with the cars tumbling down in the water.

(Sometimes he plays a building game called Poly Bridge 2 where all you do is building different kinds of bridge’s so he knows exactly what a suspension bridge is. I googled and showed him a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge and he confirmed that it was the bridge he saw.)

Right after the collapse of the bridge he saw skyscrapers collapse. I asked him if it was a different place but he said no, it was still San Francisco. He also saw what looked like tornados but said it could be from the force of the wind from all the buildings collapsing that formed.

End of vision.

My son had quite a few dreams from the Lord that I might share in more detail if the Lord prompts me to do. His had two rapture dreams and also warfare dreams with him fighting with his armour on sometimes by himself and sometimes with Archangel Micheal against Satan or fallen angels and demonic spirits or just normal people that he calls VERY EVIL and wants to kill him. In one of those wars, he saw a glimmering light all over his skin.

One dream I would like to share with you now cause the Lord is just so amazing and AWESOME.

In this dream my boy saw himself and i in a cave somewhere in a desert. We were plastering the walls of our cave with mud when he saw our Lord Jesus coming, walking towards us. Jesus told him how proud He is of him praying. In the far distance, he noticed what he said looked like a very big glass building.

End of dream.

At first it didn’t click until about 3 nights later when the Lord give me Revelation 21 in my spirit to read. I was in AWE when I realised he must have seen a glimse of the New Jerusalem!

Revelation 21 verse 18-19

And the building of the wall of it was Jasper: and the city was pure gold, like unto glass.

And the foundations of the wall were garnished with all manner of precious stones. The first foundation Jasper; the second sapphire; the third a chalcedony; the fourth an emerald.

I kid you not, Jasper is my boy’s favourite gemstone and over the last couple years we bought him all kind of stones that he all know by name. Can you imagine his delight upon reading with me about all the beautiful stones the new Jerusalem is decorated with? God is amazing, my heart melts what a good loving Father He is.

On a last note, i believe this San Francisco vision is just a confirmation of previous prophecies given to others , some as you know dating years back. As always, please take to Father God in prayer.

Take care everyone, much love in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour.

God bless.


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