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Vision: of 16 year old, ufos: creatures started falling from the sky like rain – Belle Buerano

By Belle Buerano

November 9, 2017

A vision given to my 16yr.old daughter. (Pray and ask for confirmation from ABBA FATHER in the name of JESUS CHRIST KING YESHUA HA MASHIACH and by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT the RUACH HAKODESH 🙏🙏🙏)

She was shown a place and UFO’s or flying saucers-like flew across the skies and many people were alarmed and panicking because of it. But due to curiosity they took pictures and selfies from their camera phones, notwithstanding the danger ahead.

Then, in another vision, there was a TV reporter reporting infront of a camera when suddenly a deformed human-like-being fell from the sky and landed on a car not far from where the reporter is. The reporter instructed the cameraman to focus the camera on the human-like-being so he could report it on tv live. Few moments after, several of these creatures started falling from the sky like rain. They were hideous, deformed and cannibalistic. It seems like the UFO’s have something to do with those fallen beings.

What about the children of GOD? The faithful and the true born again Christians who has the fruits of the HOLY SPIRIT?

Again, my daughter was shown that the true sons and daughters of GOD will be hidden in the wilderness! Safe havens are prepared for such a time as these. All the basic needs of the true children of GOD are provided there.


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