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Vision: Obama getting ready for his “Appearance” – Patti Young

By Patti Young

March 8, 2018
Vision: Obama getting ready for his “Appearance”

Crazy vision I just saw trying to fall asleep. It is 11:00 here in Calif. I saw Obama, putting his usual black suit and black shoes on. He was getting ready it was time for his “Appearance”. But, before he put his suit on, he was putting on this white woman’s dress underneath, and he was hurriedly tucking it all in everywhere so none of his dress would show outside with his suit. He was frustrated, trying so hard to cover the white dress up. I said to the Lord, wow, so Obama is wearing a white wedding dress under his black suit, so does he think he is the “BRIDE”, imitating the bride of Christ? I was not surprised at anything the Lord reveals to me about this man/demon. The Lord just told me he is effeminate

I thought, WHAT IN THE WORLD, while I was seeing this vision.

But, it revealed two things to me. He thinks he will be the Messiah, the saviour to the world in chaos, the Mahdi, the one they’ve been waiting for, and he truly is effeminate.


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