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Vision: Obama controlling wooden Trump marionette – Jason Brierly

Jason Brierly

December 4, 2018

The vision I see right now is of america/Babylon.. at the onset there is an incredible stillness which comes over the whole of the land…I want to say a peace but this isn’t it…everyone stands still…with at first almost a goofy stoic posture in the face as though untouchable, and then the vision goes red and I see Donald Trump’s face almost as though carved of wood with sort if a maniacal look on his face and immediately the people in the vision become terrified as they realize the gravity of a mistake they made…as I look at the seemingly carved of wood trump, I see around him strings as he moves as a marionette and above him Barak Obama/baraq o bamah holding the two wood x’s driving the strings…end vision…(Tst5)

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