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Vision: My Book Of Unanswered Prayers – Rod Durham

Rod Durham

I received this prophetic vision, on September, 15, 2018.

My Book Of Unanswered Prayers Vision
In a vision from God, I saw myself holding a book. It was like a book of all of my unanswered prayers. It is very rare that I ever see the kind of answers to my prayers, which I am praying for, so it is like the book had most of the prayers that I have ever prayed, which seem to never, have got answered. It’s like I could hear Satan’s voice in the vision, speaking to me, trying to get me to think that God doesn’t answer prayer, and that I should just give up praying. Then in the vision, God started to speak to me, and teach me a lot of things about what my attitude should be towards my unanswered prayers. These are some of the things that God was trying to teach me, through this vision about my unanswered prayers. God said to me things like, don’t think of the prayer book as a book of unsuccessful prayer’s. If I am asking you to pray those prayers, and you have obeyed Me to do it, then you should think of the prayer book, as a book of successful prayers, even though you don’t understand what kinds of things got answered through those prayers, yet. God said to me, two of the most important prayers to pray are, for unsaved people to get saved, and for saved people to repent of their sins, and start to obey Him more. These are two important things, which God has continually asked me to pray for, for other people, but I rarely see any answers to such prayers. God said to me that praying, is a bit like preaching. It is like God told Noah to preach repentance to wicked people for hundreds of years, and none of them repented. God told me that Noah was successfully doing what He was telling him to do, even though Noah didn’t see the kind of results that he wanted to see from his preaching. God has given mankind a free will. If we are obeying Him to pray for people, or preach to people, and they are free willingly, choosing not to respond correctly through the prayers or preaching, then, it’s not God’s fault, or our fault, it’s the wicked people’s fault. When we pray for other people, God tries to work through our prayers, to try to help them through them, but if they don’t want to respond to His help to save them, or teach them how to obey Him more, after they are saved, then, it’s not the person whose praying’s fault, or preaching’s fault, or God’s fault, it’s the person that they are praying for, or preaching too’s, fault. God wants me to think about my book of prayers, not as just a book of unanswered yet prayers, but He wants me to look at my book, like a book of successful prayers, which have successfully given God, the chance, to try to help people to get saved, or obey Him more, if they are saved, even if, they have not chosen to do, what God was trying to get them to do, through the prayers, yet. God also said, that when I get to Heaven, then He will explain to me what was happening through my prayers, which seem to go unanswered, when I prayed them, during my lifetime, here on Earth. God just wants me to continue to seek Him, with a clean heart, and pray for what He tells me to pray for, and not let, not knowing what kinds of good things for other people, that the prayers are doing, stop me from wanting to keep praying. Just like when God asks me to teach, or preach. I should just seek to do these things, regardless if I understand the results of doing these things, or not, and believe that one day, after I die, then I will understand what good results came, from my praying, and teaching, and preaching, then. My job with God, is just to say to Him, what do you want me to do now, and wait for Him to tell me what to do, and then do what He tells me to do, pray, or preach, regardless, of whether I see any good results coming out of what I am doing, or not, yet. It’s like me uploading teaching videos on to YouTube, and not knowing if anybody is learning anything from them yet, or not, because I am not getting any feedback from whoever is watching them, and I’ll just have to wait until after I die, to find out, how helpful they were, for people to watch, on YouTube. We probably don’t realize, how many rewards, God has waiting for us for obeying Him to do things like, pray, or teach, or preach, without seeing much results from doing these things. Our many prayers for someone’s salvation, may not have gotten, the results of them getting saved, until they were on their deathbed, and if we had given up on praying for them in our past, then they might not have had the opportunity to get saved by God, in their future, on their deathbed. God is just wanting me to pray for what He tells me to pray for, whether I see any results from the prayers, or not. God wants me to see my book of prayers, as a book of successful, obedient to Him, prayers, to feel good about, and not just as a book of unanswered prayers, to have bad feelings about, and want to give up on praying because of that. God wants me to have this kind of attitude towards my prayers, and try to use this truth about them, to fight off Satan’s attempts, to try to get me to believe that they are just, unanswered prayers, and that I should give up on praying, if I am not seeing God answer them, the way that I want Him too. We need to choose to believe that our prayers are doing good things, both for ourselves, for obeying God to lovingly pray for others, and for others, for giving God a chance to try to help them through our prayers, if they want His help, through our prayers.
May God help us to understand, how valuable our successful, unanswered prayers are to Him, and are for others, benefit, and seek to keep up the good work of praying, regardless, of whether we are seeing our prayers answered here on Earth yet, or not, Rod.
I made a video, of me reading this vision, here is the link to it, if you want to check it out,
My Book Of Unanswered Prayers Vision

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