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Vision/Message: War, The Mark, Trump Killed, Great Destruction, My Son will be sent – Wendi Lee

War coming and the dreaded mark …The beast cometh now.. great destruction..My Son will be sent…This is not up for debate..Given to Wendi Lee Posted 3 Mar 2018

Vision Dream and Word from Papa God Yahweh 3March2018

Vision received before the video made,,

Vision King Yeshua was saying that the war that is coming up they are not only going to ration our food but is going to turn into they are going to take all the food and not give ration cards like they did in the US previously during wartime, but they are going to give the dreaded mark of the beast. If you read in Revelation 13 you will see they could not buy nor sell unless they took that mark, the mark of the beast. This is pretty eye opening, it was eye opening to me. Because this is what’s coming…but please continue reading Revelation 13 all the way to 14 and see what happens if someone takes that dreaded, fatally, fatal mark of the beast. You will go to the lake of fire. There is no getting out, there is no getting around it. And I have been hearing that if you take it you will have had to take it to survive… NO NO NO NO please read His Word Revelation 13 and 14, read what happens to who takes the mark of the beast. There is no coming back from that, no coming back and I mentioned this vision that I have seen several times how someone had gotten the mark and they tried to change her mind and she dug out the chip that was in her right hand right near her thumb area…and when she dug it out she tried to pray and immediately there was this black wall came up to her face when she started to pray this black wall came up to her face and God gave me the interpretation of that vision..there is no coming back if you take the mark of the beast. There is no coming back from that..you will go straight to hell, straight to the lake of fire. There is no coming back even if you dig out the chip even if you change your mind after you have gotten it, it is too late. Once you get it it is too late, please do not take this chip. Do not take anything that you have to get to buy groceries, sell, you cannot do anything without it…..

Dream..from weeks ago given by God Jehovah Elohim Adonai Yaheveh unsure whether to give this dream out or not but King Yeshua want you to pray for the President of the U.S. Donald Trump and his family. Now in the dream it was pretty short but it was very to the point. In the dream I had known somehow, I guess I was in my house but it wasn’t really my house, I was just somewhere and I knew that President Trump had been killed and then the scene changed and I was actually at , I guess it was at where he usually gives speeches. Not the press secretary room but there was another , anyway there was a stage and it had the podium and it had a picture like a poster of Donald Trump at the podium and there was nothing but great sadness around because Trump had died. Trump had died, I don’t know how, I don’t know anything like that but Trump was dead in the dream and it was so very very very sad. There were a few people within the administration I guess that was on this side near the podium they were doing something, but it was just great sadness inside that place and I felt it. I can’t remember if I cried or not but I felt the great great sadness in Trump dying. The president was dead. That effects a country, that effects a country and it was like everyone was in shock. So King Yeshua wants you to pray for our president Donald Trump and his family , like I said I don’t know what happened, the dream didn’t tell me that but I knew that he had died unexpectedly. So that’s the dream. Please pray about that vision, please pray about that dream and pray, we are to pray for our government officials. Pray for Donald Trump and his family. Pray for all of the po.liticians. Pray for Nancy Pelosi because God showed me Nancy Pelosi’s heart one time and it wasn’t very good, it was pretty nasty, but that is all of our hearts at one time before we are in Christ. And then once we give Christ our heart He begins cleansing it. He begins cleansing our heart and working on us….

Word from Father Received 1 March 2018

The beast cometh now. How many of My Children are prepared. Is this low number because God Jehovah hath not warned and instructed over and over again? Father says to prepare My Worldly Children for great destruction comes. Can you see what’s happening with spiritual eyes? Keep your eyes on My Jerusalem, is it not the cup of trembling? Is this not the season? Study yourselves to be approved for I Jehovah God Elohim know all of your hearts. Do not say in your heart where is the promise of My Son’s coming? My Son will be sent at just the right hour on this earth, but first My Glory shall be displayed through My Faithful who will do anything for Me. They will be ministering unlike anything you have ever witnessed before, even greater than My Disciples when My Son walked this earth.

Be happy and rejoice for you know who you are for you have the most amazing and painful walk with My Son Yeshua, who has taught you Himself. You are those who die daily to yourself and does what My Son says. He is your Commander in Chief and it is hard for others to hear this as they don’t and won’t believe the Great I AM shows Myself and converses with My Closer Than Close Children to My Son Yeshua. I have indeed shown Myself to My Daughter who writes My Message. She has been chosen for this career in God Jehovah since before I created all things. Do not lean upon your own understanding for when you do this you limit Me because I AM a God of Order. I have chosen the way I will have My Perfect Way to be done. This is not up for debate. I work and My Son
works through My Holy Spirit. Are you filled to overflowing? Does your cup runneth over My Children? Do you continually praise and honor My Son all day? These are the ones who Father will lay His Presence and Glory upon. Bend you knees to My Son Yeshua while there is still time for the clock My Clock does not stop. Father God Yaheveh Elohim has spoken.

Transcribed from Youtube Come to Yeshua Jesus Christ of Nazareth 3Mar18..


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