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Vision/Message: Their Army is Coming! – Handmaiden of the Most High

Handmaiden of the Most High

Their Army is Coming!

Mar 1, 2019, 7:56 PM

While praying this evening, March 1st, I saw a green khaki painted tank coming through a smaller town and a man’s voice was speaking loudly through a sound system to the residents telling them that “martial law was now in place at sundown effective immediately”. All people were to return to their homes until they were given further information. “Those who do not return immediately” (I knew it was early afternoon) “would be dealt with in the sternest manner for their refusal to obey orders”.

The next scene was of shooting people of all ages, who were still outside at dusk. I heard their cries and the sniper shots as they fell where ever they happened to be at that moment, some were even running in their attempt to reach home but it was too late for them!

Next, I heard keys turning in locks. Then I saw my huge metropolitan community with the large city gates that were locked as huge locks were being turned (this was both a physical and spiritual realm vision and it is was representational of all cities not my community exclusively). We were all in lock down and the threat of retribution by those in power, if we failed to remain in our home until further instructions was stated in no uncertain terms.

This is the word from the Lord-

The Lord spoke, Hear ye my Bride, those who are left after the treachery of Tsunami’s and Earthquakes that will spoil your land will be faced with even greater terror. Many think it will not impact them, they are the Bride after all. Woe to you, many who think you have oil in your lamps, for many of you are without and don’t realize this late hour is upon you. You have eyes to see and ears to hear but you do NOT! Some are so caught in their daily activities even in their ministries but they do not hear me speaking to them! Do not ignore my prophets, who warn you! Those who think they will see America Great again are listening to the wrong voices. I am testing each heart and each spirit those who are walking with anger, hatred, fear, people pleasing spirits, pride, false humility and desires of the flesh that cause them to compromise my laws (greed, fornication, political correctness to name a few) will not be in my Kingdom at the rapture. WAKE UP! How many messengers do I have to send? Even Israel would turn away from sin when I sent a Jonah, a Nathan, or an Elisha to them to repent. Ye, you do Not repent but say “that doesn’t apply to me”. YES IT DOES! My Wrath is kindled and I have no use for you because you seek your agenda and not mine. You do not see yourself as naked and wretched. REPENT.

I will send her, I will send Russia to utterly defeat you. You have caused great distress to many countries over many decades to make their government to bow to your whims. It was not my desire, again and again the Bride cried out for mercy on this land and I relented but she never mended her ways. She kills the innocent at home and abroad and I repent of letting her to continues in her transgressions until now.

Judgement is at the doorstep. So soon this land will be under tremendous distress, Tsunaimi’s, bombs and earthquakes of great impact will be experienced and very soon after WAR will be at your door. You do not have the capability to overcome your enemy. I will allow her to humiliate and suppress the people of this land. They (Russia) will shout their conquest loud and clear and the nations around the world will rejoice! They will have parties in their streets that their greatest oppressor will succumb to the might of Russia. They, too will suffer consequences for their own sins and rejoicing but those with cause I will not punish. Those who lost loved ones because of lies of this government will be upheld.

Do you not know that 60 million lives that have been aborted in this “Great Country”? Do not they deserve to have their voices finally heard? Do you not think a righteous God will not be a defender of these little ones? Ye, I must, I have spoken it in my word. Why have you sat in your Bible Studies and not considered their plight? You “fellowship with other believers and no one even brings it up in conversation. You are too busy with school and work and getting your kids to softball and basketball and “play groups” to worry about life and death. You seek life for yourself but seldom think of the lives of others. You are to self-absorbed, prideful, arrogant to look at the a mother, who has no husband or resources to properly raise her children. You judge others for “getting caught” in a unwanted pregnancy but did you not fornicate yourself? Did you not betray me when you willfully sinned? Did you or do you now think you are better than they, that is why you never were in their shoes? What way are you rationalizing your own behavior as justified when you are just as GUILTY!? I see it! I know it! I will not forgive you if you never truly repented to me!!! I am highly displeased with your self-righteous behaviors. Many do not realize that I kept you alive, just so you would have more time to REPENT!!

TIME IS UP! The world is well aware of it. Why aren’t you? Do you pray for the lost? I am talking not those in your family alone but those in your community? What about those who believe what they hear from the false prophets? Will you be bold enough to share with the truth? Or are you to embarrassed? You don’t really have the time? I tell you it is almost to late. Soon, the warnings will stop because basic communications will not exist, will you repent then? Will you have time to pray? I gave Many Many Many Warnings. Soon I say for many it will be too late! I will not continue to contend for your heart. You either love me or don’t. I sent my son to die for you. Do you love him? For some the warnings will scease. Do not wait for the last moment. Whatever you are doing, stop now. I decision to postpone may very well be a decision to never repent. I love you. I come quickly. You choose where you spend eternity. I gave you the way, through my son, Jesus Christ, the only Messiah of the world. I gave you my love letters, my instruction manual. My word. It has the only truth you need. Ask my Holy Spirit to reveal it to you. I promise you will seek and you will find, when you seek with your whole heart! I am your Heavenly Father, come to me. I love you.

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