Published on Jul 10, 2015

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praise the Lord everyone and welcome to
Godshealer7 I’m sister Barbara and I
have a vision I’d like to share with you
today I’m going to be in the King James
Bible I’m going to be and we’re going to
start off in 2nd Timothy chapter 3
verses 1 to 5 this know also that in the
last days perilous times shall come
for men shall be lovers of their own
selves covetous boasters proud
blasphemers disobedient to parents
unthankful unholy without natural
affection trucebreakers false accusers
incontinent fierce despisers of those
that are good traitors heady highminded
lovers of pleasures more than lovers of
god having a form of godliness but
denying the power thereof from such turn
it sounds like about what’s going on now
so next I’m going to be in Jude I’m
gonna be in 2 let’s see what am I gonna
read here let’s see I think I’ll start
at Jude verse 6 and I’m going to be
reading 6 2 let’s say it’s gonna be a
little bit 1 6 2 21 and the angels which
kept not their first estate but left
their own habitation he hath reserved in
everlasting chains under darkness unto
the judgment of the great day even as
Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities about
them in like manner giving themselves
over to fornication and going after
strange flesh are set forth for an
example suffering the Vengeance of
eternal fire likewise also these filthy
dreamers defile the flesh despise
Dominion and speak evil of dignities yet
Michael the Archangel when contending
with the devil he disputed about the
body of Moses Durst not bring against
him a railing at
but said the Lord rebuke thee but these
speak evil of those things which they
know not but what they know naturally as
brute beasts and those things they have
corrupt themselves well unto them for
they have gone in the way of Cain and
ran greedily after the error of Balaam
for reward and perished in the
gainsaying of korah
these are spots in your feasts of
charity when they feast with you feeding
themselves without fair clouds they are
without water carried about of winds
trees whose fruit whether with out
through twice dead plucked up by the
roofs raging waves of the sea foaming
out their own shame wandering stars to
whom is reserved the blackness of
Darkness forever and Enoch also the
seventh from Adam prophesied of these
saying behold the Lord cometh with ten
thousands of his Saints to execute
judgment upon all and to convince all
that are ungodly among them that all
their ungodly deeds which they have
ungodly committed and of all their hard
speeches which ungodly sinners have
spoken against him these are murmurers
complainers walking after their own lust
and their mouth speaketh great swelling
words having men’s persons in admiration
because of advantage but beloved
remember you heed these words which were
spoken before the apostles of our Lord
Jesus Christ how that they told you
there should be mockers in the last time
who should walk after their own ungodly
lusts these be they separate themselves
sensual not having the spirit but you’ll
be loved building yourselves up on your
most holy faith praying and the Holy
Ghost keep yourselves in the love of God
looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus
Christ unto
eternal life so those are two pretty
strong scriptures there and I like June
he just says the POTUS kind of like Who
I am so I got this vision and again if
you know I’m here brother dad and I we
have to give the prophesy and I think
was back in 2008 right after I got
baptized actually it was the week before
I started getting perfect dreams and
visions and they were actually which I
thought was was humorous to me because
the Lord had to bring the vision down to
like a child’s level so I could
understand it
and I could tell the difference between
a dream and a prophetic dream or a
prophetic vision because the visions
always start the same way I’m usually in
a twilight kind of a sleep stage and I
could usually see clouds starting to
form and the clouds become something
that’s how I know when I’m getting a
vision I know in advance when I start
seeing the clouds so this I got this
vision this morning and I was taking in
the spirit and I was looking all around
because I know I was supposed to be
saying something and I wasn’t seeing
anything and then I looked down and I
was above the Statue of Liberty in the
New York City so as I looked down at the
steps of liberty and thinking oh my I
know right where I was and the next
thing I know I was taken to what looked
like a window and I could see forming
out the window I could see what looked
like a city and it was on what appeared
to be some sort of an island with huge
tall humungous buildings and I got the
understanding that it was Manhattan in
New York so as I was watching the city
and I could see it you know get clearer
and clearer I could see all the
buildings the next thing I know I was
looking out the window what appeared to
be some sort of a window and I could see
of the ocean water I can see the waves
and then I could see the big giant wave
come by first one then I could see the
next big giant wave come by so I see the
two waves they see the ocean and I know
this is not good so the next thing I
know I’m brought back to the city and I
could see the water coming over the top
of the buildings pouring down streets of
the city and again I know I was in New
York whether it was just a tsunami or
something of some sort of bombing that
created this tsunami but it was right on
Manhattan New York
now as I got this vision I thought about
I had an old prophet an old vision up
there I think I uploaded it in December
of 2012 and it’s up on my Facebook page
I think I did share it on Google but it
it’s titled
look to the east New York City and in
that vision I was on this street here
and I could apparently there was some
sort of a nuclear bomb attack in that
area and what was happening is I live
near a fallout shelter and in the vision
and I had to go down the street the next
day because I didn’t know if that still
was a fallout shelter I could see all
the people running towards the building
where I was standing
and I went up on the steps after the
after the fact in the afternoon and it
is a fallout shelter so I know that
there was some sort of a nuclear event
going on in the East that’s where I was
pointed I was directed to the east and
to New York City so again I did put that
up on the Facebook channel so we know
are the latter days this both of these
say that the end times the last time the
that’s where we’re at right now we know
that the Lord’s coming back and I just
answered somebody out there on either
Facebook or YouTube to the effect that
what what do I think is going to happen
and I think that my own point of view is
that the bad events are coming so
quickly that we know our time it is so
short so you want like I said get your
hosting order if you’re not baptized get
baptized you need to have the the Holy
Spirit this is what is sitting here and
again here’s some jeweled it’s telling
you straight up here by EB loved
buildings up yourselves and your most
holy faith praying and the Holy Ghost so
you know he needs to have that you need
to be born again you need to have that
Spirit of God inside you so again
remember to like a so counselor of seven
facebook channel god bless you all and
be safe out there and again I did read
every single prayer request that I got
out there and I prayed over everything
like I said I was going to do on
Thursday and I did get the scripture as
I was praying I had the Bible that was
out on the porch and that’s exactly
where my study Bible is now and I would
say nice day of chapter 43 and it’s
called the Redeemer of Israel so you
might want to look that over if you have
a chance I did put that up on Facebook
so again thank you for tuning in thank
you for supporting our Godshealer7
youtube and God bless you all be safe


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