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praise the Lord everyone and welcome to
Godshealer7 Channel I’m sister Barbara
location is I’m in northeastern
Pennsylvania and I’m on the corner of
the street where I live and I’m facing
east so join me now in the New King
James Version Study Bible I’m going to
be a Zephaniah 1:7 be silent in the
presence of the Lord God for the day of
the Lord is at hand
for the Lord has prepared a sacrifice he
has invited his guests so this is the
vision I got last night so I’m standing
on the corner of the street where I live
right here and I’m facing east and I
could see this massive cloud of what
looks like dust heading towards me ok
let’s see if I could get a better view
of down the street there and I see
people running towards me coming up the
street running in my direction my
understanding is that we are under
attack and we are being bombed so I
think to myself East what is east of me
New York is east of us in northeastern
Pennsylvania so still more people are
running so I follow along to see where
they’re going and they’re coming right
here in front of this building that I’m
standing at so let’s look at what this
building is let’s see if I could get a
good view of it
how’s this
if that doesn’t wake you up nothing well
this is a fallout shelter from the 1960s
when I was a little girl my dad brought
me to the both towns around here and I
think it was about eight or nine years
old and he told me the story of how when
he was a boy they used to have blackouts
I believe that’s what they were called
blackouts there to stay in the house in
case we were being attacked so like I
said when I was a little girl he brought
me to this he showed me this building
and the other two fallout shelters in
our neighboring town and I had no idea
if it was still fallout shelter so this
morning I came down the street in the
opposite direction and here we go it’s
still marked still fallout shelter
praise the Lord you know again the great
day of the Lord is at hand repent and be
baptized in the name of Jesus you’ll
receive the gift of the Holy Spirit he’s
coming back be prepared and again look
to the east Amen everyone thank you for
tuning into Godshealer7 channel god



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