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Vision: LAST DAYS EVENTS – Lisa Fetty

Vision: LAST DAYS EVENTS – Lisa Fetty

08/10/14 – (via phonecall and email) I had a vision the other night. I was asking God how we were going to know the darkness is coming. I was trying to see what happens that causes the darkness….

•I started to see ISRAEL boldly in front of me. The words (which it is rather rare that I ‘see’ words)

•then I saw a couple of bombs go off…these were not just bombs but HUGE EXPLOSIONS!! I could not tell if they were going into Israel or if Israel was shooting them, but they were HUGE BOMBS big enough to take out a small city at least.

•Right after the Lord told me.. as soon as we see that happen we are going to be within days (if not hours) of the cosmic event

•then trigger the earthquake and 3 days of darkness.
(Hope note – read this vision inconjuction with this page)

08/11/14 – (after our phonecall from 08/10/14 below) Lisa emailed me with a HUGE VISION. It was 1:00 a.m. before I read it….lol. Then I found where she sent it to another friend on FB and had written it a bit more clearly and then she emailed me again…I present both to you.

FRIEND VERSION – (night of 08/10/14) “The bombs that I saw going off the other day from Israel were made more clear to me in this vision. They were huge bombs that could take out a small city, and it’s Israel that is shooting these bombs off at their enemy, when they are provoked.

•After the bombs — the bombs will be the warning to the bride that we are very close to the three days of darkness.

•At first, there’s something that appears to hit the sun or some huge event in the sky — impact in the sky — and — there will be a delay,

•then this phenomena in the sky is what will cause the earth to start shaking violently.

•This is when the darkness will hit, and then…

•The Bride will be translated at the beginning of the darkness.

•There will be many many people that will die during this three days of darkness, but the people that repent or give their hearts to Christ during this time will be protected.

•Everyone’s sin will be exposed to them at this point, and they will clearly be able to see it and, at that point, make a choice to repent or not.

•The Bride will be given instructions during this three days, and they will be grouped together.

•At the end of the three days, the bride will go out in their translated bodies and start to harvest (40 days), those that have repented. The Bride is going to go out and harvest those who have repented or those who have newly accepted Christ. There will be many people that will die during this darkness, and then, during the 40 days, God will protect his children that have repented during this time.

•At the end of that time, asteroids are going to be falling, and one will hit Puerto Rico and cause a huge tsunami.

•which I believe, at the point of impact is when the rapture will occur because there will be many, many lives that will be lost after this tsunami hits and goes up the east coast, and God will make sure everybody is given a chance during the three days of darkness to repent.”

MY EMAIL VERSION – (this morning 08/11/14)

Let me try this now that I am awake…

I had a vision which I was asking to see what we are looking for as warning time is here…the other night in a vision God showed me Israel and a couple of HUGE BOMBS…and then we would know it was within days…tonight this is what I saw:

•I saw the HUGE BOMBS were coming from Israel. I believe in retaliation for something that happens to her. These bombs like I said can take out a small city.

•RIGHT after these bombs is when I believe peace will be talked again and the peace treaty signed or talked about signing..

•that is when I see a huge impact in the sky, which I believe is something hitting the sun.

•There will be a delay of hours but that impact will cause the earth to shake violently.

•Once the earth starts shaking… the darkness will hit.

•At the onset of the 3 days of darkness the bride will be translated and gathered for instructions and grouped.

•Those that are lukewarm (AND ALL OTHERS) will endure some very difficult days with much hell going on outside. At that point your sins will be shown to you and most of the lukewarm will repent and come back fully to Jesus, there will all be new converts at this time.

•At the end of the 3 days the bride will go out and do her part in the harvesting. She will be healing, teaching, protecting and providing for these that come to her. The ones in Christ will KNOW the bride and be drawn and run towards her light (Christ will radiate us!!) Those that did not accept Christ will run from the bride in fear.

•God will protect and provide for these 40 days and at the end…

•asteroids will come down and a large asteroid will hit Puerto Rico….

•at this point the rapture will happen and all that are HIS will go up. Many, many will die in this tsunami which is caused by the asteroid hitting. It will go up the East Coast and reach far inland. I believe the earth will be shaking, volcanoes will go off and there will be MUCH HORROR on earth that hits right as the bride is going up!

Tell me if that is more clear…..I just never saw the tsunami at the end…and when I was seeing it last night I was saying “but Lord are you going to protect your children that have not repented yet?” because we were on the onset of the 3 days of darkness..and He said no..back up and look at what I am showing you….The tsunami doesn’t hit till the end of the 40 days!!

UPDATE: 08/11/14 – 8:00 pm I emailed Lisa and asked her to be clear about WHEN the tsunami was going to hit. This is what she said:

” I believe God showed me VERY CLEARLY that is happens just as we are raptured….EVERYONE has had their chance to repent during the darkness…God was very clear on backing me up to see it properly!!! Because I questioned all the people that I saw dying during this…and I said but Lord they did not get the 3 days or darkness and chance to repent (thinking it was the first thing that happened)…it seems 1/2 the country or more are wiped out!! That’s why He said..BACK UP AND LOOK AGAIN!!! And I told my husband right then…YOU REBUKE,TIE UP AND CAST OUT ANY ENEMY OR DEMONIC THOUGHTS THE ENEMY MIGHT TRY AND USE..BECAUSE GOD IS SHOWING ME SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!! SOMETHING HUGE!!!!”

Also, a friend of mine mentioned the two bombs could be in Iran. Apparently they will have their own “Iron Dome” type defense to go up by Sept. 22. Anyway Lisa had this to say:

VERY POSSIBLY to be going to Iran…I TRIED to see but could not see where they were going!! I just saw that it does a HUGE amount of damage which brings about the talk of the peace treaty…I could not tell if it was signed..or on the cusp as this event happens in the sky.

God sometimes shows people more along the way, as He did in the case of Lisa’s 08/10 and then 08/11 visions. At the same time, if we are not to know WHO is being bombed, then we will never learn it. Only God knows what is best for us and we just let it rest there. And just a note on my own here…I do not in any way believe this makes Efrain R a false prophet. I believe him to be a man of God who saw a true vision and is doing exactly as God leads him. Efrain says the asteroid hits before the 3 days, but God’s mercy tells me otherwise. At the same time, God’s ways are not our ways. And thank goodness for that!

REMEMBER… WHEN the 3 days of darkness (dod) comes…

During this time (3 dod), will be when the bottomless pit will be opened! Ugly-hideous looking Demons, you will think are aliens… will be trying to look inside your home. They will be making noises trying to get you to go outside. Stay inside as long as it is dark!!! REPENT & PRAY!! Spend this 3days in God’s Word & growing close to Him!! As long as you have your heart right with God, YOU WILL BE PROTECTED!! Along with everyone with YOU (even unsaved ones! They are covered by Blood of Jesus because of being with a Righteous-Repented Christian!) BUT… DO NOT open a window or door!!! That will break the Protection over your home! Because you willingly opened to the enemy. PLEASE REMEMBER: these demons are very smart!! They can sound like anyone in your family, neighbors &/or friends!!! So if it is dark… DO NOT OPEN UP FOR ANY REASON!!! You will put you & your Family’s life at great risk!!!Numbers

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  1. Daniel Noah

    Lisa Fetty , you almost have it all lined up… except, the restrainer is removed in concert with the darkness descending upon the earth. Evil is held somewhat in check by the Holy Spirit’s presence. 2nd Thessalonians 2:7 ” For the mystery of iniquity doth already work, only He who now letteth will let, until He be taken out of the way.” The 3 days of darkness cannot arrive till the current dispensation of grace is ended. NO more restraint on earth, as the saved are raptured; along with those children at the age of grace (8 or 9) and below. Some Christians will stay behind in glorified eternal bodies. Some Christians will not be staying back for awhile, but will go right to heaven. The timeline for those staying behind to ; raise the dead-sight to blind-grow out limbs for those who had them blown off, accidents or from birth. We will heal all manor of diseases, create water and food in Jesus’ name, also move to anywhere on the planet at the speed of thought.Clean out whole hospitals in an hour. In the chaos people will not be able to get their meds…they won’t need them they will all be healed. Timeline? We (glorified eternal bodies) will be stay 3 days… the actual duration of our witnessing is unknowable with absolute certainty at this time. We will go out in the great darkness with our 20-50ft warrior angels(protection against all comers,ie.,fake alien-demon human hybrids) to raise the dead and heal and save those who were backslidden or unsaved before the rapture. Although now saved, they missed the rapture and most will be Revelation 12:11 “And they overcame him(satan)by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto the death.” The wedding / marriage supper of the Lamb list, is set at the rapture, which is the 1st fruits rapture, which validates Jesus’ resurrection. I believe that the resurrection of O.T. saints in Matthew 27:52-53 ” And the graves were opened and many bodies of the saints which had died arose, and came out of their graves after His resurrection, and went into the holy city(Jerusalem), and appeared to many.” was a sign to validate Jesus’ resurrection power over death. This Passover will be a reenactment (of 2,000 yrs. ago) of sorts to validate the rapture of all the children and most adults. I believe we will only preach for three days… from first day of darkness (we will actually go outside to preach etc the 1st hour of the 3 days of darkness.) individual glorified(eternal bodies) Christians will go to all who knew them prior to rapture. Unsaved parents will want to know where their children are located–extra incentive to get saved, once they realize that they are in heaven already, and only one way to ever see them again.You see, at the rapture we all go up in the air—ALL— the group which will stay back for 3 days preaching will meet over Jerusalem—high up in the sky— in a type of tent/canopy to receive our individual instructions. We will appear to those we knew in our life on earth. We will be about 25 yrs. old, which will freak out all those who knew us to be older, say, 35-90 yrs. old, just days before. How many days will it take to spend 5 minutes with every person you ever knew? Remember we will not need to sleep or rest at all. It will only take 1 second to travel to each new person’s house, be it California or then to Florida. Maybe 6 min. with each family—10 families each hour—240 families a day, for 3 days. 720 families reached in 3 days. Maybe some stops will only need to be for 3 minutes or less. So, maybe each person can reach 1500 families. Now, of course, there will be many or at least 2 saved persons per family… so maybe each glorified saint could reach 3,000 families= 30,000 people per glorified preacher,m during those 3 days…In the USA, many have said that God told them there are only 10-15% really rapture ready. So, let’s say for arguments sake that there are 30 million saved of 10 yrs old and above. Yes 10 and 12 yr olds will be left behind. How about a fellow 10 yr old (glorified body) preaching to his lost classmate? And that classmate tells 10 of his friends and so on… you could see how 20-30 million could visit and actually persuade 300 million in probably 2 days or less, so, maybe we’ll be able to spend a full 10 minutes with each person. Three days would be plenty of time to do the job, which would account for it’s lack of play in the book of Revelation. The saints (resurrected in glorified bodies) in Jesus’ day were only in Jerusalem for part of that 3rd day. Nevertheless, that was all the time they needed for the resurrection power of Jesus to be confirmed to His Jewish audience. Jesus’ resurrection; Jesus went from Paradise to earth, then to heaven, then back down to earth all in one day. Remember this, some people are perfectly possessed with a seared conscience. Unreachable and be skipped over. Most in gov’t —Satanist—adrenochrome types, involved with child sacrifice and pedovores etc.So 3 days is plenty of time for a final witness. The invitation for the Wedding of the Lamb is only extended up aqnd until the rapture. There is a price to pay for mocking and disregarding God’s witnessing on the internet these past 10 yrs., not to mention the one on one witnessing being done by individuals throughout the world. No one knows for sure that the rapture must be this Passover timeline, it could be next year… Ah, but what if it is this Passover ? Well, if 3 U.S. cities are nuked this March, along with Israel exchanging massive missile exchanges…… with Damascus nuked, yeah it’s this year… If Damascus is nuked in mid-April this(2019) year, rapture is on for this Passover….See you in the sky my fellow-soon -to- be- glorified saints. Amen IHS Daniel

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