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Vision: Israel Blood Moon – Dorothee

Vision: Israel Blood Moon – Dorothee

Yesterday evening during my prayer time a strong feeling of deep, deep sadness came upon me. At first I didn’t know what it meant but than a clear vision opened up in my spirit. I saw our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ crying. He sat on the ground, tears filled his eyes and ran down his face. He said: ” My child, bloodshed is coming to Israel. The blood moon, which you will see, literally means blood. Blood that will cover my land and my people Israel. Many lifes and souls will be lost. I love them all so much. More than you can ever imagine. They are my brothers and sisters. But they have been misled and have not turned to me. You and your brothers and sisters, go and ask the father in my name that he may draw many hearts of my people towards me, so that they might be saved. ”

I was immediately reminded of the verse in John 6,44:
“No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day. ”
After he had said these words another feeling filled me. A feeling of extreme urgency and alert. Even high alert or red alert. My entire spirit and body was tensed up. He continued: ” When Israel will be hit, the shockwave will be felt all over the earth. It will spread until it has reached all nations upon this earth. ” Remember how it looks like when you throw a stone into the water. You see these waves extending and spreading. This is how it will be when Israel is attacked. I was reminded of a vision I was given several months ago concerning Israel. I saw a map of the earth. Actually it was more a globe, a 3 D vision. Out of the land of Israel was growing a huge and beautiful tree. It had green leaves and beautiful fruits. It prospered. It had strong roots reaching to every other country and nation on earth. God has blessed and protected his people over the last 70 years and with Israel he has blessed us. He has given us safety, security and prosperity. Not only in the USA, but in Europe and many other countries. Even in Germany. It was out of his everlasting love and mercy and goodness, that he allowed our countries to prosper, so that we might humble ourselves and turn to him in thankfulness and worship. But we did not….and now time is up. And as soon as Israel will be attacked its roots, stretching out all over the earth will begin to crumble. His hand of protection and blessing will be taken away. In my vision I saw military jets attacking the treetop, causing severe damage. And the roots lost their power and began to dry up.
My dear brothers and sisters, time is definitely up. We all know what is coming. This is urgent, we should all be on high alert and stay in prayer for Israel and watch her diligently.
Pray for the sake of all these men, women and children in Israel who face war. Every soul counts. Jesus, the Father, the Holy Spirit and all the angels and all the heavens rejoice over every single soul that is saved.

Blessings from Germany,

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