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Vision: “I saw Trump and He Fades out Then appears Obama… I Felt The Earth Shake” – Sonya Leathers

Sonya Leathers

November 27, 2018

I had a dream the night before last Monday 26, 2018 and the only thing I can remember as of right now was a I saw vision of Trump and then Obama fading in and out, first I saw Trump and He vanishes…& Then appeared Obama and it was someone else I couldn’t see, It was an image of someone, but the face was a blur..
Right after seeing Trump and then Obama I felt a Mighty shaking as if the earth was moving.. More like an Earthquake it woke me it shook my bed to where it woke me from my sleep… Not sure what any of this means, but I WILL Truly Say This..& with All Seriousness I feel an URGENCY like nothing before something catastrophic is coming to This Nation…. whether it be economical or natural disaster I do not know… Maybe both…
“I saw Trump and He Fades out Then appears Obama… I Felt The Earth Shake”….
As With All Dreams and Visions I Always Take To The Lord… I know this dream has significance…
Nonetheless As this nation and world and the things in it start to fall apart I WILL NOT BE MOVED or SHAKEN God Is Forever With Me… I Will Not Fear…
The Holy Spirit Lives In Me…Because I’m In Jesus Christ Alone Born Again and I’m Saved From The Wrath of God.. I’ve Been Redeemed I’m Saved By The Blood of The Cross Christ Jesus Amen!
I Watch and Pray Always..
I’m Prepared for the things to come according to scripture according To The Word of God.. Always..
I Pray You Repent and Find Jesus While He Can Still Be Found.. Gods Righteous Judgments are coming and Jesus Is Returning Sooner Than You Think…❤️

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