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Vision: “I finally have enough money, I will begin to build my own house in 3 days” – Keno Rojas

Keno Rojas

November 3, 2018

Hello brothers and sisters. I’m brand new to the group. Yet I have a message from Most High. I was awokened at 4am this morning with an intense and interesting vision.

Vision: I was in a dark living room with Obama. I was a little star struck. He was nice. Shook my hand. I halfway bowed to him with my hands crossed like an Asian. He said “I finally have enough money, I will begin to build my own house in 3 days” End.

I just realized that in 3 days it is nov 6th 2018. Midterm elections!!!

I’m praying we will be prepared and for any meaning. I told my friend the vision and he instantly opened his mouth and spoke the scripture of Jesus saying “tear down this temple (house) and in 3 days I will build it again!” To me it speaks of the antichrist, man of sin.

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  1. Valerie Matson

    I had a vision of Trump being Murdered. I saw him on a slab in the Morgue. He was wearing a black suit, a white shirt, and a red tie. His right eye had a bullet hole in it. Nothing else, just that one bullet hole. When Obama left office, I knew that he was not going anywhere. I knew that we would see him again. This prophecy makes sense. It is definitely from the Lord! God help this world. The Lord’s people will be given provision for the days ahead, fear not, nor be afraid, for the Lord your God is with you! Shalom….

  2. That Dude There

    Interesting…thank you

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