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Vision: Hand of Repentance reaching down to see who will take His hand – William Tyrone Jackson II

William Tyrone Jackson II

Tuesday August 29, 2017

I seen the hand of the Lord reaching out of the sky to the earth in an attempt to see who will take His hand of Repentance… I see some people swimming to take it while others aren’t. I then saw the Lord announce something over the earth and all of the sudden I saw something like a thermostat/thermometer kind of thing increase in heat. I saw angels carrying what looked to be sweat rags to the righteous. God says to prepare yourselves because He is about to “Turn up the heat” and the righteous will “sweat too”, but we are NOT forsaken.

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  1. Will Stott

    What a good message. I need that hand of repentance. Sharing this on my blog.

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