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Vision: Feast in a great hall / Dream: Chaos, People being killed for meat – Anonymous 9 Year Old

Martin van Meytens : Wedding Supper (1763)

Open Eye Vision: Feast in a great hall
Dream: Chaos, People being killed for meat

June 22, 2020 8:27 AM
Anonymous 9 year old

Good day beloved 444 News family

This morning at about 7:00am my 9year old had what I think is a vision because she wasn’t sleeping. She had just woke up.

I sat up in bed and closed my eyes to pray and I Saw a very big hall. The size of the hall will compare to 15 countries put together. Some of the people in the hall were celebrating something but I don’t know what they were celebrating. My family and I together with some other people just sat watching this people celebrating. We didn’t join in the celebration but we were planning our own celebration. After a while the owner of the feast came and he took the back door which was close to where those people not celebrating were sitting.
When he arrived, he told those that had been celebrating that there time was up,it was now time for those who have been waiting to have there feast. He also said that we need to go to a better place.

Note: she just woke up from a dream in which there was chaos or riot and they were kidnapping and killing people for meat and her family managed to escape supernaturally.

An interpretation is welcome. Thank you and may we all be counted Worthy to escape the things that are coming upon the Earth. Amen

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  1. John

    This is not an exclusive soon to be reality revelation. Things get outta hand in famine. During the Bolsheivik revolution in Russia this was the case. And it was the case many times before that. It is stated by native russian Demetri Dudimov that human meat will be sold to the masses and on display. And the facts with this are that at first they are repulsed but as with the Donor party and the Soccer team stranded in South America they warm up to quite well. And it has been said they didn;t see munchin down on an arm, any different than a snickers bar, All things as they are fetal tissue is in a very good amount of foods, under the name synamix and you’ve probably been eating it for some time. This is also the last chance effort when God goes to judge a nation, He makes you eat your children. This is likely of the Lord. The protocol for that is ask the Lord if he gave you the dream, If so ask for the interpretation. don;t listen to other people unless you know 100% they are full of the Holy Spirit and have the necessary gifts. Usually they won;t interpret it. I don;t see much interpretation needed it’s a view of things to come. Others have seen it too, So it;s a reality and yea unless we escape supernaturally then we just ain;t gonna escape. I pray you do in Jesus name it’s going to be very rough and terrifying too. We cannot back down though these are the ways of God. And the bible doesn;t ban eating human meat. It is a judgement.

  2. Michael

    Of course you should always pray to God for interpretation, but it looks as if your daughter had a vision or dream about the Wedding feast that will take place after the rapture of the Church. Those who died in Christ are already in the presence of God basically enjoying real life and we are waiting still for the Rapture of the Church! If you study the ancient Jewish wedding custom you will see that the Church of Christ is following this same custom. We are in the sanctification phase where the bride makes herself ready to meet her Groom, the Groom comes at an unannounced time after his father says their new home is ready.

  3. honnanila

    I’ve been shown repeatedly in dreams that I go twice. As near as I understand it, I believe the 144000 and the bride, which I think are one and the same, go first. After this, the rest of the church goes. I don’t know how much time there is between the events. I do understand that we, the first group are fighting and helping in a war and that there are foreign troops on U.S. soil attacking. But, the work is also all over the world. Most looking for the rapture assume it is a one time event as I used to believe. The dead in Christ will rise and children world-wide will be taken. That may happen same time as 144/bride, but I’m really not sure. In one dream, I was with a friend who I was shown in a different dream, that they go with the church in the second event. I was speaking and told them I had to go away but, I said, I’ll be right back. Next, I saw myself in heaven and changed into some white garments, then saw myself back expecting to see my friend but they had left in the rapture. I said, oh, I need to go back. I turned to leave and the dream ended.

  4. Dave M

    From what I’ve heard from others the first group in the banquet hall are “first fruits” of the harvest who are told their time is up, making room for the second group who have most likely have been through much of the tribulation period, possibly martyrdom. There is little detail, which causes me to wonder why you were not given more information. .

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