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Vision: Feast in a great hall / Dream: Chaos, People being killed for meat – Anonymous 9 Year Old

Martin van Meytens : Wedding Supper (1763)

Open Eye Vision: Feast in a great hall
Dream: Chaos, People being killed for meat

June 22, 2020 8:27 AM
Anonymous 9 year old

Good day beloved 444 News family

This morning at about 7:00am my 9year old had what I think is a vision because she wasn’t sleeping. She had just woke up.

I sat up in bed and closed my eyes to pray and I Saw a very big hall. The size of the hall will compare to 15 countries put together. Some of the people in the hall were celebrating something but I don’t know what they were celebrating. My family and I together with some other people just sat watching this people celebrating. We didn’t join in the celebration but we were planning our own celebration. After a while the owner of the feast came and he took the back door which was close to where those people not celebrating were sitting.
When he arrived, he told those that had been celebrating that there time was up,it was now time for those who have been waiting to have there feast. He also said that we need to go to a better place.

Note: she just woke up from a dream in which there was chaos or riot and they were kidnapping and killing people for meat and her family managed to escape supernaturally.

An interpretation is welcome. Thank you and may we all be counted Worthy to escape the things that are coming upon the Earth. Amen


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