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Vision & Dream: Beware My Children, for war cometh sayeth the Father of all mankind – Wendi Lee

Vision & Dream: Beware My Children, for war cometh sayeth the Father of all mankind – Wendi Lee

Vision: Received 4 Mar 2018 during prayer ..I began to see Papa our Papa God Yaheveh big, big, big, big, big, bigger than what we can ever imagine. I began to see Papa rising over a tall building, He was huge, huge who was so big I only saw Him with His Hands carrying someone on a window cleaning scaffold (what they use to clean windows on tall buildings) away from the building. Then Papa dunked this person and I heard the word grinder.
I was given the interpretation of this by the Holy Spirit. Just as satan has spilled and scattered the blood of My Just Ones to all the corners of the earth I will repay and have My Vengeance. I will scatter satan throughout my lake of fire. He will pay for all the souls he turned away from me in My Eternity Of Agony And Pain. He will no longer be able to prowl and seek whom he may devour, hunting My Children through the windows of their souls.
Father’s depiction of Him moving satan from the windows of the high rise building is like he was peering into people’s souls and Father says there is coming a day, hallelujah, when satan will no longer be able to do that and He is going to scatter him throughout the lake of fire just as he scattered innocent blood through all four corners of the earth.
Dream..given a few nights ago it was pretty scary to me..It starts out I was just I guess it was like a park, I was walking through this park on a paved pathway, there were like fences on the side of it and I saw someone walking their animal and that was fine, now that’s normal that’s what you see in the parkways. This was at nighttime and all of a sudden I come across these wolves big wolves that were laying in the middle of the pathway and then I could not get through. Of course I didn’t want to go past them anyways, I was scared to death of them. And I was talking to King Yeshua in the dream and basically asking Him what do I do, please help me My Beloved King, and so one of the wolves started coming up to me and I tried to be nice to it and gently extended my hand out to it. But as quickly as I did that the wolf was just gnashing at my hands, however God protected me the wolf didn’t touch my hands because I immediately put them in my pocket or whatever I had protecting my hands and the wolf did not touch me but let me tell you if you have ever been attacked by a dog. And I can’t count the attack that I had because it wasn’t really an attack it was just so slow motioned and coordinated by God Himself, that dog was not mean, he just chomped down on , he did’t show his teeth or anything. But this wolf, if you have ever been near a dog that doesn’t like you being near it, that wants to attack you, that was what it was like. He was gnashing at me as much as he could but he could not go past a certain point God was protecting me. But man his mouth was going ninety miles an hour trying to get to me showing his teeth, I mean it was awful. And then that one I guess went away and somehow I was standing up and there was another one about to come at me and I immediately say “I rebuke you in the mighty name of Yeshua HaMashiach And while I am even saying those words, I’m knowing that that wolf knows when I say Yeshua he knows that’s his creator. And as soon as I say that he backs away, not showing his teeth anymore, not being mean anymore, he just backs away and so does the other wolves. There is probably I think there was three of them but it is just peaceful after that. They back away it is peaceful I know I can walk right through them and that’s what I do, I walk right through them and basically the dream ends, I even walked past their pups and I touched their pups, then the dream ended. My friends there is no mightier name than King Yeshua HaMashiach Lord Jesus Christ.
Word from Father received 6 Mar 2018 .. Daughter it is time for Father God Yaheveh to give another message to My Children. Write Wendi Lee for you are My Highly Anointed Messenger and Prophetess. You prophesy in My Son Yeshua’s Name and by none other. You have given up your fleshly life to serve My Only Begotten Son Yeshua. Father gives you My Words. STOCK UP My Children war is imminent, be sure to not only think about yourselves but your neighbor as well. The effects of war are extremely unpleasant and are dangerous. The enemy hath been itching to begin his short reign of terror and is now being unleashed. War is at your shores O Babylon America. You have played the harlot against Me Your Only Creator. Prepare My Mighty Warriors, get ye up My Faithful Ones for you live by the faith My Son Yeshua has given you. Your life here on earth is about to be ignited with Father God Yaheveh’s Fire. I AM A Consuming Fire, fear me oh ye people of the earth. I hold your futures in My Hand. I created you from the dust and I remember this.
No Child of Mine will be completely perfected until you are home. Father has His Perfect Places in My Heavenlies for My Sacrificed Lives. Oh the pure joy when you will step into My Eternity. Some of you shall never die and some of you shall. Repent O America, repent O Earth for your very lives are on the line. Life with My Son here on earth is the best way you could ever want to live, but eternal life in My Heavenlies with My Son is your ultimate destination, My Saints. Earth openeth her mouth now and breathes out the putridness of the innocent blood that has been shed upon her. All of My Creation will continue to groan until I have fulfilled all things. Stop taking life to live as you desire, but give your entire life and heart to My Son Yeshua. The Great Amen Father God Yaheveh hath spoken these words to My Friend and True Prophetess Wendi Lee.
transcribed from Youtube 12Mar18 Come to Yeshua Jesus Christ of Nazareth
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