Vision: DONALD TRUMP COFFIN – Kerry-Ann Gidden

Kerry-Ann Gidden

November 12, 2016

Hi guys I want to share this very quick vision with you that the Lord gave me on November the 10th 2016.

In this vision I saw what looks like a boat in the distance coming towards me. It was on the Road moving by itself. Has it came closer and closer I notice people also lining the streets.

What appeared to be a boat as it came closer I realise it was a coffin draped in pearly ivory white both inside and out. I then heard in my spirit “THAT IS DONALD TRUMP COFFIN”.

I then saw Trump walking behind this coffin and every where the coffin turned he followed it.

I then saw in bold writting “DECEMBER” Then some dates flashed 7,8,9,10. The vision then ended #TeamJesus #Prophetess

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