Vision: DONALD TRUMP COFFIN – Kerry-Ann Gidden

Kerry-Ann Gidden

November 12, 2016

Hi guys I want to share this very quick vision with you that the Lord gave me on November the 10th 2016.

In this vision I saw what looks like a boat in the distance coming towards me. It was on the Road moving by itself. Has it came closer and closer I notice people also lining the streets.

What appeared to be a boat as it came closer I realise it was a coffin draped in pearly ivory white both inside and out. I then heard in my spirit “THAT IS DONALD TRUMP COFFIN”.

I then saw Trump walking behind this coffin and every where the coffin turned he followed it.

I then saw in bold writting “DECEMBER” Then some dates flashed 7,8,9,10. The vision then ended #TeamJesus #Prophetess

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  1. Valerie Matson

    I had a vision of Donald Trump lying on a slab in the morgue. He was wearing a black suit, white shirt, and a red tie. He had been shot in the right eye. It was a professional hit. He was dead. End. God help us, so here comes the man of sin. Valerie

  2. according to Patricia Green , Mr Trump helps to divide Israel and helps to rebuild the 3rd temple. So if she is correct and so far she has not been wrong. Then Mr Trump must have at least another year. We shall watch and see. I believe some people have something that they have to do before they are removed. Just like when God put a hedge around Job to protect him from satan.

  3. graystroke

    This lines up pretty much with the video Stan of the Prophecy Club just published.

    In summary, we must pray for Trump and for Yeshua to protect those in charge to perform righteousness. If Trump acts to restore righteousness then America will get more time; if Trump dies while in off then Tribulation will fall upon the land. China, Russia and nations will nuke America as Dimitri Duduman prophesied back in 1980.

    We need more prayer warrior and more spiritual warfare warriors that pray against the covens that are in ALL towns and cities. Their evil works via witchcraft works plus those of the masonic lodges, Knights of columbus and jesuits and countless more secret luciferians that abduct children for sacrifices and ritual.
    The battle is great the need greater, Countless are taken and imprisoned for such evil acts.
    Raise up an Army Elohim in Yesha’s name!

  4. Rover Radar

    The significance of those dates is this: PEARL HARBOR

  5. Scoopie

    Valerie, I was given nearly the same vision, about a year ago. He was lying motionless on a platform of some kind, didn’t look like a gurney in a morgue. Not sure if it’s literal, or symbolic of his having no power in the troubles to come.

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