America, Death, Prophecy

Vision: “Death is coming to our nation” – Patti Young

Patti Young

April 27, 2018

There has been a shift, there’s a change in the spirit, the warnings are done, they’re finished, now the things that have been spoken are going to manifest in the flesh, Gods judgments are going to begin…

The Lord visited me a lot last night and yesterday. He has given me a vision, some I cannot release and share it’s not the time.

But one thing he will let me release, a tall figure came into my room all dressed in black cloaked from head to toe I couldn’t see his face but in his hand he was holding a scythe, used for reaping….death is coming to our nation.

Massive deaths, we have been judged, our nation, and been found guilty of our sins, and now America will face the consequences of sin. Only his Remnant shall be spared, covered and protected by him. The Lord spoke loudly when he told me “THEY HAVE BROKEN MY LAW, THEY HAVE WORSHIPPED OTHER gods.” Then the Lord reminded me of his two greatest commandments, To love the Lord your God with all of your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself..The only love of America is lovers of themselves, pleasures, gold, idols. Their hearts are waxed cold…


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