Angel, Deception, Vision

Vision: Chained Angel given water by elderly woman Angel starts to fly chains loosened turns into Dragon destorys earth with fire – Victor Ashetola

By Victor Ashetola

Thursday October 20, 2016

“I saw in my vision an Angel made powerless because its feet and tongue had been chained.I saw this angel moving from the West toward the East.And then I saw, an elderly woman, gave this angel water to drink or just something in a bowl to quench its taste, then she turned back and walk away. And because of that help the woman gave to this Angel,it began to rise and rise on its wings to heaven…And it began to fly…
Then I beheld another miracle; its chained feet were loosened, (and its glued tongue of fire was released too)- “ah, this was its power!”
And as soon as the Angel saw this, it turned around and like a dragon, with fire, it blast the Earth were on it was once chained. It destroyed the Earth with fire.
E N D.

Then later after I awoke,and thought about it. God told me: “The end is near. The deception and great delusion of the Earth (the womans help) made the Angel to rise. The fire from its lips and hands were judgement for their wickedness toward the end”.

Stand Strong against deception

Victor Ashetola

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