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Vision: Angel standing in midwest of US said “Judgement has been declared, judgment has been declared!”- Mena Lee Grebin

By Mena Lee Grebin

Friday April 21, 2017

I saw an angel, very tall, like a couple of hundred feet, with a trumpet in his hand. He stood on the land. I could see some of the states underneath where he stood. He was standing in the Midwest area. I don’t know if the location is significant or not because nothing was specified regarding it. The angel looked up and then made an announcement. He said,

“Judgement has been declared, judgment has been declared!”

He then proceeded to put the trumpet to his mouth, to blow it. I saw a wave sweep across the land, and a great wail from the people. I saw the cries rise up to heaven. There was a pause, like a space in time. It only lasted a few seconds. Afterwards, I saw a move of God like I’ve never seen before.

A war is coming.

As with all things, take this to prayer.

Mena Lee Grebin
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries

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  1. Prophetess Dottie

    We’re in agreement with this Word of Knowledge—as a “confirmation”!
    There has been a “heaviness” in my spirit for the last two months– It’s as though, I’ve been expecting some sort of catastrophic event to occur; ONE (or maybe several) that will gain the attention not only of the population of the United States, but also of the ENTIRE WORLD!!

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