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Vision about Ohio – McKana

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Vision about Ohio

DECEMBER 1, 2023 8:19 PM

December 1, 2023

Vision of December 1, 2023. 8:40PM.

Ohio-”Pneumonia outbreak”

After an evening prayer, I rested a little. After few minutes of rest while on my Knees, I see distinctly the state Ohio. I didn’t see anything but the state of Ohio, the land from above, the north at an angle from where I am.. It is evening but what I see is as it is daylight. I wonder what is going on. No disaster, no calamity but the state as it normally is.

The Lord is telling us something

What is it?

I stated looking to search in the internet. The, I heard-”Instead of looking somewhere else, why don’t you ask me”

I usually don’t ask the Lord except accepting what he shows me. Then, I asked, what is that I saw?

I heard the Lord say “Pneumonia outbreak.” As I understood it is one form of Judgment.
Unless it is important, there is no point in showing and telling us this.
It is an outbreak. Is this related to what has surfaced in China? Another andemic? Watch and be warned.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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