Vision #80 – The Enemy – Sharlene R

Vision #80 – The Enemy – Sharlene R

06/09/18 Sat evg

So after my time with Jesus in the area just beyond the Throne Room, I went to the vision area as I always do, and greeted my friend and the Believers/Saints. Some greeted me by my name but I don’t know who they are as I was not allowed to see their faces.

The vision opened up to a huge hideous entity standing on the top of the Dome of the rock on the Temple Mount, Israel. I knew immediately it was satan. My perspective was mid-air facing the Western Wall. I recognized the area as I was there Feb 2017. I saw his talons of his feet and hands. He had huge dark grey wings which were tucked in while he was standing. There were other evil entities of different sizes and shapes flying around him which he dwarfed. Then fire came out of his mouth, like a dragon but he didn’t look like a dragon. ( I didn’t see a tail or a long snout that would indicate typical dragon appearance) I didn’t see his face close up. I understood they were gathering in number and strength for something important. He was declaring ownership and making quite a spectacle of himself; like asserting his dominance. Jesus said we need to continue to pray for Israel.

Jesus reminded me of the satanic image on the marble on the dome of the rock which is NOT etched but there naturally. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn speaks about it clearly and explains it well.

Hope note – Sharlene also added more about our enemy…”He’s ugly; quite hideous and big. One thing I’ll say is that he’s not black. I have seen him 3x now and he’s always dark greys. I’ve seen other evil entities and some of them are black to dark grey and/or mixed. He was not a dragon in this vision as he looked the same when I first saw him when he came at me as an angel of light on my way to the throne room.-(this was something Sharlene had shared with me earlier…Hope) I had a routine I walked to get there and he tried to trip me up by coming at me partially as Jesus but I figured it out and rebuked him and even went at him with my armour of God and a spear! When I threw the spear, his illusion went poof and he was satan in all his hideousness and I saw him fly away.”

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