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Vision #72 – Tsunami Wave hits the North American NW Coast – Sharlene R

Vision #72 – Tsunami Wave hits the North American NW CoastSharlene R

05/16/18 Wed evg

I was once again standing with Jesus in that area that I have been in the last couple of visions. I’m just standing with Him and He’s talking to me. I will not share that. But I went to the vision area after our short talk. I greeted my friend and the rest of the Saints/Believers and stood to view the screen.

It opened with me mid air watching 2 people on my right walking down by the shoreline with trees/forest beside them. The shore was sandy/rocky. Suddenly a wave from my left came with force and I was under the water! I could breathe under it! It was a little murky but I was stopped at an end of what I believe was a ship hull. I knocked on it and it sounded like clanging metal. It was large and upside down. My perspective changed and I was looking towards shore in the air and the ship was a little ways in resting on the land. It was capsized. The hull was black. It appeared to be possibly a cargo ship. The area had been destroyed or flattened. There were no more trees. There was a lot of debris around the ship. I understood this is somewhere on the west coast of North America. The shoreline reminded me of BC (Canada). I’ve seen that shoreline before in a previous vision. I understood it to be a tsunami wave and it is related to the previous visions regarding a tsunami wave hitting the northwest area. (#25, #34).


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