Vision #57 – A River Runs Through It – Sharlene R

Sharlene R

Vision #57 – A River Runs Through It

04/13/18 evg

I watched myself walk down the staircase from the bottom looking up. I could easily fit 20 or more of me across the bottom stops as they gradually widened as I walked down. I think I’ve tried to figure the dimensions out before. I don’t know why I thought to try again. I saw Jesus standing on top of the staircase. He was smiling and as always I was too far away to see any great detail of His face. I saw myself greet my friend and we proceeded as always to the vision area. Nothing has changed.

The scene opened to a massive wave of water pushing around a bend of a river. I was at the river level perspective. The turbulent massive wall of water was travelling around from a right hand bend into a straight section. The water was so powerful that as it came around the bend, it took out a lot of tall pine or spruce trees on both sides that lined the shore of the river. There was forest on either side of the river and it’s not very wide. It came rushing down full of debris from trees and whatever else. I’m not sure at what point along the river this turbulent water was but I saw it take out a smaller scaled bridge and completely destroy several houses that were close to the shore. I understood that it is the result of some kind of natural disaster. Jesus did not confirm what the disaster is. But He did confirm that it is a river from North America and specifically Canada. I didn’t get any confirmation of which river I was looking at. The force of the water mixed with the trees reminded me of the movie Dante’s Peak where a river became a turbulent force of power after a volcanic eruption that took out forest, a bridge and whatever was in its path (see video). But the movie river was wider than the one in my vision. It is not imminent.


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