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Vision #49 – Hounds of Hell – Sharlene R

Sharlene R

Vision #49 – Hounds of Hell


My vision began once again from atop of a mountain when I proclaim Ps 91 (which is from my prayer group prayer) Just before I was about to fly off…my eagle presented himself to my right and I understood that I was to fly with him. I also had my armor on. We flew with me proclaiming Ps 91 over the earth.

I then came to a Russian office as I saw Putin and a couple of dignitaries but I prayed over a woman wearing a suit sitting at a desk working with her computer. From there we went to an area in the clouds and I saw evil entities- dragon type and others flying up from below like they were coming out of something. It was concentrated from an area on earth. I wondered the location but I couldn’t see where we were.

Suddenly I was battling! I took out my sword and I raised it and said “For Adonai and for the lost!” and slashed a dragon-type face and shot an arrow at it as well. There were other warriors across from me battling but only a few. I said to my eagle “We need more warriors!” We left the battle and he took me back to the Throne Room. The eagle stood beside me before Jesus. He was bigger than I thought as I had to look up to him to see his face. He is a bald eagle. I left to go to the vision room area. My friend met me and we turned to look at the screen. The screen was filled with the idol of Shiva, the one at CERN. I understood that the area where these entities were coming out of was from CERN.

Then the picture changed to me seeing the land area where CERN was below the surface. My perspective was high in the sky. The picture changed to be underground and I saw a massive silver metal tunnel and a huge silver tube. Then I saw dark room which I understood was a scientist lab room. I couldn’t see anything but heard a lot of hissing, evil indiscernible talk, wings flapping. I knew this is where they were coming in from; the portal. Yikes! Jesus didn’t confirm with me if this is happening now or in the future. I went to google some pictures of CERN and I found these three that matched the closest descriptions as to what I saw in my vision.


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