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Vision #48 – Hell – Sharlene R.

Sharlene R.

Vision #48 – Hell

03/25/18 Sunday evg

From the Throne room, I took my regular path to the vision area. My friend met me but this time I noticed a few more saints there waved at me to join them. My friend walked with me to join the others and I felt surrounded by a group of saints. It was encouraging. But now I know why…

The vision opened up to see a dark place with an evil being at my 11 o’clock. I knew I was looking at a place in hell. My stomach felt immediate nausea. The evil entity was huge, had black horns, black face and red eyes which reminded me of a demonic bull head. His chest was thick and grotesque. I knew he had a high rank in the hierarchy with much power and was in charge of other evil entities and areas. He was standing over black rock and his view was a lake of fire. Below him were caves/cells within the black rock and I understood these as places where individuals are tortured. I heard screaming and crying as someone was being whipped. I heard chains as well. It was just sickening; so horrible. I felt so sick to my stomach. I didn’t feel the heat or smell. Jesus shielded me from that, but I felt despair, hopelessness, darkness, sorrow, pain, regret, anger and fear.

Then my perspective changed as I had the view from just below that huge entity so I was looking where I had just stood and saw more caves to my right in the black rock and the lake of fire to my left. I understood there were more souls in each of those caves and they were being tortured. The evil spirits were not around because Jesus was standing there with me. At first I didn’t see Him but I knew I could only see because of His glory. Then my perspective changed again as I stood closer to the lake of fire which was on my right and Jesus was now standing clearly just ahead of me on the black rock “shore.” He was about 3 meters ahead of me. The “shore” reminded me of volcanic black rock that I had seen when I was in Hawaii. The flames in the lake were high and a bright orange. I could hear a lot of screaming and moaning from there. Then I saw a soul at the edge of the lake as she was trying to get out. It’s not like a shore that you can just walk in. There is an edge and a drop into it. The poor soul said to Jesus, “Please forgive me! Help me Jesus! Just put a drop of water on my tongue- just a drop!” I saw Jesus turn to this soul and say: “You had many chances to repent before you died but you refused.” Jesus was so sad. I could barely handle that. It was just so incredibly sad. I didn’t see her face. I understood that hell is real, has different levels and that it is eternal. Oh Lord. People, give your lives to Christ. Don’t delay any longer!!!


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