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Vision #403 – Sharlene Reimer

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Vision #403

May 20/24 mon evg David’s Sling/Another Vision of Tsunami to Hit West Coast-Vancouver Island/Trump Wins/Leadership Changes

May 25, 2024 4:43 PM
Sharlene Reimer

I was worshiping Jesus in the Throne Room to Megan Tibbits- Holy Forever (cover) https://youtu.be/doacjcYeZYE?si=6opHOQRUysEYesOW, Cain- Blessed Assurance https://youtu.be/z0qDMKKKKT4?si=MBr-bMEO9SRgMrDN and Jasmin Faith- Yahweh Will Manifest Himself- https://youtu.be/o_3fN-QVn5k?si=3ALHGGKP8W25kjRM After worshiping the Lord, I began to pray in tongues, first for Israel, then the lost and prodigals of the world and other issues.

VISION: I found myself walking near the familiar river area. I made my way through the brush and trees that line the river and reached the water. I saw Jesus standing about knee deep in crystal water just a little beyond the shore. He bent down and picked up some stones. I then got a close up of His hand as He opened it up and I counted about 3 roundish stones. Jesus walked out of the water towards where I was sitting on the bench. He bent over again and picked up what looked like a short leather pouch with two long straps attached to either side of it. I understood it’s a sling. We walked out from the bush area and went a little ways past the river to an area I’ve been before; I did some target practice with my bow and arrows. I watched Jesus place a stone into the sling and swung it around several times then intentionally stepped forward in a neat technique and released the stone. It hit the bulls-eye perfectly. (of course it did! Lol! It’s Jesus!! J ). It was my turn. My release wasn’t as smooth and although it didn’t hit the bulls-eye, it did hit the target.

INTERPRETATION: I understood the sling is another weapon just like my sword, bow and arrows, spear and shofar. David used the sling against Goliath. It’s about our intercession and hitting the targets; making sure we have asked the Lord for all the strategies and praying them through assisted by Holy Spirit. In corporate prayer, it takes maturity and grace to keep prayer on task as directed by the Lord. Of course, there will be distractions and humanity seeping into our prayers, as we are not in heaven yet, however with walking it out, even good leadership may not always hit the bulls-eye, but will hit the target. It’s up to God to deal with the prayers and sort out the best that we have to offer.

I understood from the Lord that using discernment with our weapons of intercession can take down the demonic goliaths in our lives. It occurred to me that careful discernment is needed to know the details of the size or rank of goliath, different strategies follow that knowledge such as requiring group or corporate intercession. The warrior lifestyle is one whose focus is on Jesus in all circumstances, who waits on the Lord for strategies, who uses discernment while in intercession, who is obeys implicitly and in Jesus, is confident and bold just like David the shepherd. There’s no mercy for demonic goliaths.

My horse arrived and I got on and Jesus walked to the head and gently stroked the horse’s face. Such a tender moment to observe. J I waved goodbye and galloped away until I got to a path that paralleled the valley to my left. The terrain started to rise and I observed the horse navigating a rocky incline. We came to an area that gave me a panoramic perspective of the valley below. My eagle came and I left my horse and got onto the eagle. We left while I was declaring Ps 91.

VISION: I came to an ocean shore area that was rocky. It looked like the tide was unusually low as a lot of area was exposed to the air. A few young teens were exploring it. I heard a woman warn them, “Hurry! Run! A Tsunami is coming”! I looked to my left and I saw a wall of water that was fast approaching the shore. The massive wave pushed its way inland. Structures were overwhelmed quickly. I knew there would be great devastation.

INTERPRETATION: I only saw this part of the area hit by the huge wave (I know in part and see in part) but I knew the area affected was more extensive. I understood this is Vancouver Island. I have seen this tsunami in previous visions which affected Vancouver and the area as well as down the west coast. It’s related to the west coast earthquakes that will produce massive tsunamis which are greater in height and strength than those that occurred in Japan in 2011. See visions: #16 (California), #25,#34,#72, #175, #335 (San Francisco).

MESSAGE: I asked Jesus about this Tsunami. I understood that it’s all related to God’s judgment. The earth is groaning and He is calling and warning the people to repent and return to Him. The calamites will increase and get worse! Wake up! But He is quick to forgive. And God loves, oh how He loves us! How deep is His love for us; just like the hymn we sing written by Stuart Townend 1995 and this rendition sung by Selah https://youtu.be/4-GM9w6IA2M?si=0H6EUIe8_aE9EfI8 Consider the words of the 2nd verse:

How deep the Father’s love for us,
How vast beyond all measure!
That He should give His only Son,
To make a wretch His treasure.
How great the pain of searing loss!
The Father turns His face away;
As wounds which marred the Chosen One
Bring many sons to glory

I went down the stairs, greeted my greeter group. I saw a new greeter there. How special. They walked with me across the floor to the area between the two pillars where the others have already gathered.

VISION: It opened up to see Trump and his wife Melania standing on a stage or platform and holding up their held hands high in the air. It looked like they were celebrating. My perspective changed as I could see from Trump’s view- a stadium filled with supporters holding signs and cheering. I knew it was a scene from his presidential race.

MESSAGE: Jesus said, “He will win, daughter just as I told you in the past- Trump will return. It’s by My Spirit; My timing, My will and My plan. It will be as I said; what I have called and begun will become fulfilled. I keep My promises. You will also see world leadership changes. These changes are already beginning.”

It will look impossible but that’s when God moves so no man can boast; no one can take credit.

VISION: Jesus showed me statues of leaders being removed from their high places. They were being pulled down by groups of soldiers with ropes. I then saw His hand replace the previous statue that was taken down with a new one. I’m uncertain how many statues were removed as I only saw about 3-4 groups of soldiers take down different kinds of statues. And I wasn’t shown the statues up close.

INTERPRETATION: My understanding is that God is removing/deposing leaders which are represented by the statues, and replacing them with new leaders. This could be globally, federally, state or provincially and municipally. The group of soldiers represents those who have been in battle- intercession or hands on in the front lines standing up against corrupt governments. Remember, change is in the hands of the intercessors. I understand this will not happen all at once. And not all leaders will be removed but there will be change.

Scripture: Dan 2:20-21 Bless be the name of God from eternity past to eternity future! For wisdom and power are His alone; He changes the times and seasons. He installs kings and deposes kings; He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those with discernment.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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