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Vision #359 – Sharlene Reimer


Vision #359 June 20/22 Mon evg   The 4th Tsunami Warning to Hawaii, USA/Dipping Toes In Living Water With Jesus

June 21, 2022 10:29 PM
Sharlene Reimer

I was praising and worshiping the Lord Jesus in His Throne Room as I always do. I praised with ribbons/Israeli flag today as I was also interceding in song for Israel. Joshua Aaron- The Sacrifice Lamb https://youtu.be/awiVrQRHnf8 and Sunday School songs- with the actions. J I saw a choir before me surrounding the Mercy Seat. (I’ve seen before) I only recognized one person and that was my mom.  There were many others worshipping using flags, ribbons and tambourines. I began to pray. When I got to the part of proclaiming Ps 91, I saw myself by a small stream surrounded by trees, grasses and some rocks that lined the stream. Jesus was standing by the stream. As I was walking towards Jesus, I noticed my white horse eating grass that was growing next to the stream just beyond where He was standing.  When I got closer, I saw that He was dipping His toes into the stream. At first, I leaned on a tree that was next to the stream near where Jesus was standing and watched Him. (I noticed there was moss on one side of it.) I followed what He was doing and dipped my toes into the stream too. I looked down and saw His toes next to mine. I heard Jesus say, “It’s ok to take rests. And He continued “And choosing to rest in Me during quiet times is good…Choose Me first.”    Then Jesus bent down and cupped some water into His hand and took a drink. I tried it too. It was sweet! It reminded me of the water from the movie Narnia- The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader where the mouse, Reepicheep, tasted the water that was near Aslan land and said it was sweet.

I understood that we all need rest from ministry- whatever it is- so we can be strengthened to continue. I’ve been battling to balance so much- family, my increased areas of ministry and rest. I desire to take more time to pursue dipping my toes into the water with Jesus and taking a good drink from the stream of Living Water. Oh the joy of drinking deeply from the fountain of Salvation! Is 12:3 That Living Water cleanses, refreshes and restores our souls. He is the source of Living Water! Jer 17:13.  It’s not that I don’t spend daily time with Him. I definitely set aside time every morning.  It’s that pursuit of being quiet more and listening without distractions while with Him that He is after. To seek Jesus with purpose; focused- so that I can hear Jesus’ heart for me and find rest in His Presence.

I saw the group of warriors to my left, just past the stream. I went for my horse, waded through the stream and off I went to the mountain. I dismounted when I got to the base, climbed up (which is always a bit of a battle), reached the top, found my eagle and off I went while proclaiming Ps 91.

I found myself overlooking a familiar beach. There were people walking along it that went through some trees and shrubs to get on a path that leads up onto a cliff that overlooks the beach and ocean. I recognized this as Shipwreck Beach which is near Poipu, Kauai.  I stood on the cliff and I heard, “Something is coming!” I looked down at the beach and saw a powerful wave hit the shore and went inland.

I went to the white bench and asked Jesus about the wave. It was obvious that it was a tsunami wave. Jesus confirmed that it was.  I heard, “Yes, it’s a tsunami wave. It is not immediate.” He continued to say,“There is a time coming that will be hard for them. There will be much flooding and destruction in the lower areas of land. This is My way to wake them up.  I will use the tsunami to bring them back to Me. My desire is that they repent of their idolatry and spiritualism. I Am the only God. Worship Me only. Seek My face and know Me and it will go well with your soul.”  This reminded me of the song: “It Is Well With My Soul by Chris Rice https://youtu.be/VbNm_Kdez8o   I prayed for the people of the Hawaiian islands; that Jesus would release a hunger and a thirst for righteousness, and that they would submit their wills to Him, repent and return to the Lord. I blessed them that they would know the Father deeply and intimately as the Father knows His Son in Jesus name. (John 17:21-23)

I went to see a vision. Down the stairs, I greeted my greeter group and walked over to where the others had already gathered. It opened up to see an underwater scene. A huge crack suddenly appeared on the bottom of the ocean floor and a burst of energy moved from it. I understood that water was moving very fast. I understood it was from an earthquake and it was heading for the Hawaiian Islands. I also understood that the volcano on the Big Island will cause more trouble but it won’t cause the massive tsunami that is coming.

I have had previous visions of the coming tsunami-#71 &269 (Waikiki,Oahu), #236 (Lihue, Kauai) Vision #359 is the 2nd warning to Kauai.


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