Vision: 1/2 mile high wave that over comes the east coast – Paneh Creel

Paneh Creel

Sunday January 14, 2018 11:46pm

In a vision (about 2010).. I was shown … about 1/2 mile high wave… that over comes the east coast .
I had the knowing that it wouldn’t come beyond the Smoky Mountains but end there. I remember the people were like ants b4 it … as I saw the giant wave in the back ground …. they had no idea that it was approaching.

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  1. A few years ago I got very involved handing out Efrain Rodriguez’s prophetic warnings all over our area, here in Alaska. I read his materials thoroughly & came to a good understanding of the warnings before taking on that responsibility. And I can confirm that Efrain also saw something very similar as to what is being reported here. In fact, if my memory serves correctly, the size of the first waves to hit our nation around Florida were forecast to be of similar height, and as the tsunami wave continued on up the coastline towards New York, it seemed that it lessened, down to around only hundreds of feet tall, perhaps like 500 feet? Efrain’s warnings also said the same thing about the tsunami being restricted to the east side of the Smoky Mountains. If we can remember, the Fukashima tsunami wave that hit Japan was small compared to any of this, & still it went inland up to 6 miles! rick

  2. Katie

    The Lord told me in a dream that the Smoky mountains are a safe zone, He also said that the Ozark mountains are a safe zone. He said the Ozarks were ideal and the best place to be.
    He told me NC would be flooded and uninhabitable due to the flooding , pestilence and disease. I moved from NC two years ago to the Ozarks. This bears witness with me as well as Efrain and Patricia Green. This is one of the judgements that will take place. If you live on the East Coast and read this please consider Heeding the Lord’s warnings and moving to what He has verified to many as safe zones in America.

    • Thank you, Katie for that info- I wanted to confirm what Katie said of her dream, that Northern ‘ARK ansas’, the Ozark Mountain area has also been reported to me by MANY different people to be a safe place to live in the days ahead, because the Lord led them there. I also know that the western half of ARK ansas is a safe zone too at higher elevations, from Mayflower to the west, for I’ve been there to help with the preparations to build a safe place of refuge on a mountain top just west of Mayflower. But for those in the Mayflower area, I would suggest to get to higher ground above the freeway, or Little Rock elevation. I know of one prophetess who saw water in a vision part way up the trees in that area, but she lives there on a mountain by the Lord’s directions. Many people have already moved to the northern ‘ARK ansas’ area, so it wouldn’t surprise me to discover many of your neighbors there might be like-Believers? The special things the Lord is already doing in ‘ARK ansas’ would put many people into shock, if they knew. It’ll be a very special place to live in the future, very close to the Lord’s heart! But at this point in time, I wouldn’t move anywhere without the Lord’s instructions to do so. rick

      • Katie

        Thank you so much Rick for all of that great information. There are many called here by the Lord. I think it really will be special when we find out how many and exactly what the Lord is doing here. It truly feels like an Ark where God has lead us. Bless you brother for all you do.

  3. Katie

    The Lord also told me the flood was coming sooner than people think.

  4. Brian Orlovsky

    Wow! After the Blood Moon eclipse on the 20th/21st@ 12:12am, I have heard that there is an inbound meteor or asteroid that is to strike west of Puerto Rico around 2am EST on 2/1/2019. This has been reported to hit at about 17 miles per Second! It will stop the Earth from rotating for about 3 days! ( 3 days of darkness?) I live in the Tampa bay area and aside from the tsunami that will occur, just the initial strike will send up huge plumes of boiling hot water and steam! That will be the end of most life in the State of Florida, the Gulf states, Texas, plus central & South America.
    I hope that this scenario, which has been reported on & off for a few years does not come to pass, but The US has been Judged. The US will be divided (Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin?) into three. Just the thought it has been overdue is concerning: Aside from the East Coast, that water will shoot right up the Mississippi into the Great Lakes.
    I have thought I have read about this in prophecy, or YouTube, can anyone conform or refute this? There is still a couple of weeks before that event may happen.
    The Lord’s Will shall be done!

    • Yes, Brian- What you heard about has been prophesied by Efrain Rodriguez for many years. You described the prophecy event so well that it confused me at first, as I thought you might be repeating it? You can type in his name online and add ‘prophecies’ & find enough reading on the subject to keep you busy for hours. My question is- where did you hear about this asteroid strike coming on Feb 1st? Who told you this info, for if this is true, then what you just reported is of dire importance to the entire USA, & more, the whole world! rick

      • Sherry

        Rick, I have heard of this before so I put in a search “asteroid hitting Puerto Rico.” There are lots of links to articles that say it will hit Puerto Rico but there are many different dates and years it was suppose to strike. Just an FYI.

        • Thanks for sharing that, Sherry. When I was researching Efrain’s prophecies about the incoming 5 mile wide asteroid, I wanted to know all I could about all that was said, anywhere I could find it. But I used these words as my original search format- ‘Efrain Rodriguez prophecies’ and then spent a lot of time at a facebook site of his that used to be there, not sure, if it still is now? What I feel is more important at the moment tho is if we may get a confirmation from someone on Brian’s comment? If what he said is true, then we won’t have time to read much more about it before we will see & feel the impact in person. As I’ve been watching the Words of the Lord posted all day, they alone ‘seem’ to be confirming something like this is on the way, & is very immanent. For a while I thought that the ‘kick-off’ event might occur on the 3rd of Feb., by correlating just the words ‘kick-off event’ to the Superbowl games that ‘kick-off’ on Sunday, the 3rd? But the 2nd is pretty close, if what Brian says is correct? We need confirmation on this. I read a Word post called- “URGENT! Prophetic Dream – America’s Coming Destruction” today that sure seemed to confirm the general idea. Also the post called- “Do Not Be Deceived – Prophetic Word” which also seemed to confirm, instructing us to consecrate ourselves right now, including to ‘fast, fast, fast’ now in preparation. Notice also the post called- “2 Visions: Earth Swallowing People and B.H.O.” All of these Words together seem to portray something BIG is coming in only a matter of days! I’ve been watching both the 444 site, & Jeff’s whistleblower site. Thank you. rick

          • Sherry

            I also read both 444 site and Jeff’s site. I believe we are so close too. Here is something to think about too. Karissa Washburn’s vision. If Kansas City makes it to the Super Bowl, their colors are Red and Gold. I am not sure when she received this. Below is what she saw.

            And the third scene, she sees men running down the football field toward the goal. She sees people in the stands cheering. She said it was a professional football game. And they were running toward the goal, when suddenly a large missile came flying through the air skidded into the dirt and dug in right beside the goal.

            But she said, no one paid any attention to it being there because they were so engrossed with the amazing play in the game. The crowd was standing and cheering, and she saw a couple of the players running past the missile, which was halfway buried into the dirt, but they just kept running by and they scored their touchdown. Then the missile exploded. Now she said, an interesting note was that the team was wearing a dark red color. And she said she thought she saw something gold. Well, one team that wears dark red with yellow gold light color is the Washington Redskins. A another as the San Francisco 40 Niners. That was the end of that scene.

            Jeff B had this on Whistle Blower Jeff – A Terrorist Attack In The Fall In Football Season – A Prophetic Dream Given To Karissa Washburn (and MANY others) November 17, 2018

            Just putting this one out there too.

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