Video: When the door shuts – Monique Bizet

When the door shuts – Monique Bizet

Here is a video on a prophetic vision regarding the Lord shutting the door.

Backup Luke 13, Matt 7:21, and Matt 25

I’m sharing a vision that a family member had regarding the Lord shutting the door as it tells us in Luke 13, and Matt 25. I also had a vision of this scripture.

God bless you

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  1. Yelena Bella

    Thank you for sharing. This comes as a confirmation to me about a vision I also had yesterday on 9.20.18 while playing.
    I was standing in a dark large hallway. I saw an open door with much light coming out of it. I heard a voice saying, when you see an open door Walk thru the door. I walked in and the door was shut behind me.
    After the vision ended, I asked the Lord if it was about the door that his Bride walks through. He said yes. I asked for a confirmation.he said tomorrow you will have it. And here it is.
    Thank You Lord. And tgank you sister for sharing and listening to the voice of God.

  2. Thanks for this critically important message. So many false teachers and false prophets who are keeping the sheep asleep and compromised with seeking earthly things.

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