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Video: US and Russia and New Attack Vision – Glynda Lomax

Video: US and Russia and New Attack Vision – Glynda Lomax

Published on Oct 18, 2016

I am extremely concerned about the U.S./Russia conflict. I have been praying for days almost non-stop about this and asking about what is coming. Yesterday, the Lord gave me a vision of another attack that is coming….and a word about it, which I share for the first time here.

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  1. Rover Radar

    This Word goes with this:

    1. TruNews – Thursday, October 18, 2018:
    End of Petrodollar? U.S. Allies Pivot East Toward Russia And China (1:01:16)

    Listen as Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart, and Edward Szall, discuss what Vladimir Zhirinovsky disclosed about Russia’s Air Defense System.

    2. TruNews – Thursday, October 18, 2018:
    Putin: No Time To Repent if US Starts Nuclear War (42:12)

  2. Karen Gutterman

    This morning I had a second vision of what I had last summer.. Jesus brought me up into the air and showed me Russian drone submarines coming down the coasts in the nighttime. The nukes went off into NYC and other cities over the country and white soul bodies rose up to heaven. Then more explosions from groups taking control and killing people. Twice now. It is coming soon. Am always surprised when I wake that we survived another night. I also need to work on forgiveness, thank you!

  3. Rover Radar

    Does America fear – Russia’s S-600 & S-700 Could Shut Down the Planet ([Weapons of the World] Monday, October 15, 2018) (10:44)

  4. Bandaid

    Is there any one out there that can relay this information to the National Guard Bureau? And or the Chaplains via JFHQs? I am a veteran but dont have any connections left .

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