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Video: Urgency is Screaming – Sergio Peter Rodriguez

Urgency is Screaming – Sergio Peter Rodriguez

June 2, 2018

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I have an Urgent Message from the Lord to the body of Christ.

Don’t you understand total Destruction is coming my people you will need to hang on to my words, abide in my sayings abide in my words. I assure you this dark and terrible times are coming especially for the body of Christ. You must go through refinement, I wish it wouldn’t have to be this way but it has to. You have to open your eyes now my children!!!, see with your eyes clearly. It is time God days are ahead of you come now get ready!!! chosen bride I couldn’t pray Beyond this point I am praying in tongues, my spirit is crying in tongues it’s coming children it’s coming!!! and get ready it’s coming!!!! I’m screaming this because the Lord is making me scream at it is coming I assure you it is coming get ready My Chosen bride perilous times are coming get ready!!! get ready now!!!


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