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December 4, 2021 10:27 PM

While praying and worshiping The Savior King, Yahshua, began to speaking….

The foolish ones are now being judged! Those who know me not. They act as if to know me, frolicking along. VANITY & VEXATION of MY Spirit, no longer. Their vexation of hearts bring sorrow & much grief in the night. They gather silver, gold & treasures of kings & delight in the gods of your world. Why does man not think each will be held accountable? This is the false teaching of this time, it has increased, more than ever, even tho my wisdom is within them.

I felt the wisdom he was referring to was in their DNA.

The things desired by their eyes has kept them from me. Their hearts joy & labors still do not bring them to me. Their labor is for their SELFISH gain not my kingdom. Deep within, they know they are feeding the dragon of their soul. This dragon cannot be feed by My Spirit but the Spirit of the anti-christ. There is no profit nor wisdom gained in seeking things without ME, or My Father.

For every man there is a season, a time and a purpose. When you walk with ME everything becomes beautiful and in the right time. Every man should eat and drink and enjoy the goods of his labor as a gift from Me, Hallelujah!

For those who of you Upright yet still have much to overcome, continue to seek wisdom to escape the sword of judgment. My Father shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good or whether it be evil. Your integrity of the Upright guides you, but the lack of faith destroys My Spirit in you. Your faithlessness becomes a trap by your own desires. Commune with My Father instead of yourselves, know the difference. Seek my servant’s blog to understand how to DWELL In My Holy Place.

Sanctify Yourself! Shut down the constant chatter & exercise FIRM resistance. The enemy has many voices and if you are not spending time with ME, you will not know My Voice. This is your true & accurate flint!

Therefore, I will no longer suffer through your shame. Resisting & opposing your flesh influence is the appearance of a holy life and the making of a true servant of mine. Your desires to combat self gratification is the means to avoid much suffering & pain that is to come! Hurry, secure a place in my Kingdom!

If you are hearing “All these will I give thee” this is referring to your flesh and it is weak. Therefore, reject your flesh, you must harden your face towards the things external to ME. Do this without breach & full obedience! Steady yourselves and have confidence of DIVINE assistance by My Father.

For those fully sanctified in me, you are my gentle priests and priestess.
You are bold like a Warrior yet completed submitted to The Father.
You have answered My Call!
O’chosen ones, who walk in righteousness,
know that I have set you apart,
For you are mine as you put all your TRUST in me.
My light shines upon your face,
You are my Jewels that fill my tabernacle making My Fruit better than GOLD.
When you sleep, I give great peace & safety
Day after Day
I reveal my kingdom knowledge to my Rubies without speech or language but through My FRUIT!
My FRUIT (spirit) has gone out to all ends of the earth.
My Voice rises from Heaven to be heard simultaneously like a circuit to each one of mine.
It is a blanket over your ears, nothing deprives you of my warmth.
My laws are perfect in your heart, reviving your soul
Your testimonies of me are trustworthy
Making even the simple WISE with much understanding
My Ways are full of treasures providing truth to your hearts
& radiant light in your eyes
Your fear of ME is pure and enduring forever
The judgements coming are true & righteous
The blessings coming to mine are precious & sweeter than honey from the honeycomb
Be warned my children by keeping my laws, there is great reward.

Continue to come to me & Repent immediately, so that I may cleanse any hidden sin so that it does not rule your soul and cease My Spirit.

Each of you are have worked to become blameless & cleansed of any transgressions, My word meditates on your hearts making you pleasing in my sight. Be watchful, my new Jerusalem is coming for my bride.

Your ROCK, Redeemer & Bridegroom, Yahshua (The Christ)

As I pray over this message, the Holy Spirit reminded me that the meek shall inherit the land & abundantly prosper. Forgive as we are forgiven.

Those of you who think they are hearing from the lord, but are being led astray, the enemy is a copycat! This voice you are hearing is being fed by your soul. Start by fasting of everything that makes you FEEL GOOD. Then go to prayer. The enemy of your soul can only whisper lies when we are in agreement with them. Rid yourself of anything at war with the Kingdom of God. In this season, it could be as simple as letting Santa Clause into your house. When you mix the letters up in the word Santa, you get SATAN.

There is a counterfeit holy spirit by name of Kundalini and this spirit operates within the soul through wounding and sin! Those of you battling really hard, can’t seem to get a break, check out this link for prayers of deliverance. Our prayers are powerful and they can free us of family curses and the demons in which we are battling.

Remember, We have Victory! Seek & Abide in the Father with all your mind “In your Temple”, heart and soul and he will instruct and provide for you in all things. Be Encouraged, Stay the course, Go to him, HE is our Safe Place!

Your sister in Christ,


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noun: vexation
1. the state of being annoyed, frustrated, or worried.

annoyance, irritation, irritability, exasperation, anger, rage, fury, temper, hot temper, wrath, spleen, chagrin, pique, crossness, indignation, displeasure discontent, dissatisfaction, disgruntlement

The prayer link for deliverance prayers is
The Kundalini prayer link is
And of course my blog for instructions to seek the lord in his holy place is here:

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