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Very Tumultuous Times – Anonymous One

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Very Tumultuous Times

February 1, 2023 7:45 PM
Anonymous One

To all, please take this to the Lord as I am simply a messenger and may our hearts be ready for all that is about to transpire.

My child, write this down.

America will soon be a desolate wasteland! There are many nations against her for all the lies, deceit and false promises. She has conned the world into doing her bidding as well as selling out her own people, So now, it is a powerplay between nations. Who is the best? Who is the strongest militarily? Who is the most powerful? This will all come to nothing. It is futile and when they reach their destination in eternal torment with the very one they made deals and pacts with they will realize their own stupidity yet will still curse Me when they had free will to choose whom they would serve,.

America will go into a tailspin as it is already spinning out of control yet how many people are refusing to believe this nation is too far gone to fully recover. Her sins are grievous – just look at how many have been murdered by these in the CABAL who are nothing more than two bit criminals dressed in expensive apparel; men and women both.

Do you not see children how they are on the elites payroll releasing the worst of the worst into the streets who were to remain incarcerated? Now take this mix of prisoners with millions of refugees and what do you think will come of this? Many refugees are from gangs; murderers, rapists, pedophiles and thieves as well. This is a LETHAL combination and now add ANTIFA and all other hired hands by Soros and those in co-hoots with him. Do you not see how much blood is about to be spilled on your streets? This nation will be pillaged, raped and plundered and they will take the spoil. Does this sound like a nation that will be great again? If so, you are truly deceived and allowed yourselves to be conned.

You are entering into very tumultuous times as this will ensue along with attacks by your enemies from other nations whom have been provoked by your very own leaders. Media is releasing false information. Do not believe their narrative; all scripted. You see My children, this NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO) must be implemented quickly – many have caught on yet not enough of My children have for they sit in their churches oblivious living in the world as the world. You will be caught unawares and for many it will cost them dearly for they will perish.

Weather catastrophes, scarcity of food, rising costs, economic collapse (you are already heading into a major recession), retirement funds will be taken from you for they will tell you it is needed for Ukraine. Ah, how clever they are; gloating in all their accomplishments thus far to enslave, torment and annihilate. How do some of you think they are for you? You are about to face a harsh reality!

Children, Children, Children listen to Me. These things have been allowed as Satan and his own have their final days. Why you ask? Why would God allow this? Was it I, the Great I Am, that has allowed every abomination under the sun in? It is a people who are all for aborting My precious souls, for selling baby parts, for condoning gay marriage, beastiality, pushing for assisted suicide along with so much more. Some of you would be mortified if I told you everything I see as I sit on My throne. This is a nation of people that wants everything inclusive. Am I included? NO, I was thrown out like a dirty menstrual cloth. You have all but forgotten that the God who is Creator of all that is in the earth is also the same God that when dismissed and removed will allow destruction and My judgments stand.

It must all come to pass as it has been foretold by many of Mine but who has listened? Who has truly heeded the warnings? Who has prepared their heart to meet their Maker? In order for My Kingdom to come and be established all this must be.

My Army of Chosen Ones arises shortly. In all the darkness, My light through them will bring in the final harvest. This will be the great revival as souls return to Me and come into the sheepfold. The lost shall be found, the dead shall be raised, the deaf shall hear, the blind shall see, the lame shall leap. This will be a time as never before – a grand display of My Mercy, My Love, My Power through My chosen in My Glorious Light. The wicked shall flee – many will be removed once and for all.

So REJOICE in this that even though the darkest of times is upon you, so many of you will finally awaken and see the Light. I AM the author of salvation and the wicked shall not stand in the congregation of the righteous. Had you children looked up to heaven where I am instead of being immersed in your phones, laptops, video games, tv shows it would go much easier for you. How many hours of the day have you spent with Me?

The door to the ARK is closing much sooner than you believe. COME NOW! The others before you who procrastinated and refused to repent are now in eternal torment. Whom will be your Master? Me or Satan? The Author and Giver of Life or the one who wants to kill and destroy you? Choice is yours!!!

This is all child.



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Jeremiah 12:10-13
Psalm 107:34
Mark 1:15 (kingdom of God is at hand; repent)
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Matthew 7:13-14
Acts 28:27

THE LORD SAID TO PLEASE READ Revelation 21:6-8 and all of Revelation 22- final warning and invitation

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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