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“Value” Revalued – Anno.Domini.144K

“Value” Revalued

February 18, 2021 11:17 PM

November 5, 2018 (updated February 18, 2021)

Dearest America, in the times ahead, severe price inflation will occur in items deemed non-essential or luxury. Imagine paying not twice, but four times what you remember an item being worth. Suddenly, such items will not only be out of reach, but will lose their importance in the eyes of most people. The relentless, unchecked acquisition of possessions will slow, and the need for possession itself, and the resultant cluttering, will be reassessed by all.

Price controls on certain food and fuel items will be enforced, officially and publicly or unofficially and covertly. This will mitigate enough of the damage to prevent undesirable severe social unrest. If the true market price of these items were to be known and allowed, mayhem would ensue and threaten the existing government, whose Treasury Department and Federal Reserve Bank caused the hyperinflation problem in the first place. Why? Without the full knowledge and consent of its people, the United States digitally created more dollars than ever before, a figure that will forever remain hidden. In the not-too-distant past, the money supply only doubled every fourteen years; recently, it doubled in less than two years; since September 30, 2019, the money supply has expanded exponentially, fueling the stock market rise in the largest bubble ever seen, especially in a time of recession and now undeclared Depression. The United States supposedly creates this much money so quickly to “stabilize” and “stimulate” the U.S. and world economies, driven to near collapse by the shadow economy of off-the-books derivatives transactions and the present COVID-19 pandemic.

This newly created money, less publicly, is used for security purposes to fund America’s endless wars on abstract terrorism abroad and at home, and to create the most massive spying and intelligence network ever seen. This money, to the detriment of the American people who hold most of their savings in dollars, is also used to deliberately devalue the dollar. Why? To lessen America’s debt load of $28 trillion, particularly its $1.07 trillion mounting debt to China. Yet this is a fool’s mission. Such activity is theft by any other name – theft from the American people, China, and anyone else who holds dollars. This activity will do more to destroy America’s strength, stability, and reputation than any misguided or failed war. Perhaps this is the intent of the succubus Shadow Government that rules and feeds off the United States.

In November 2019, in a dream vision I saw America as a client who frequently patronizes a Chinese restaurant. One day the hungry patron comes by to pick up his take-out Chinese food. The patron reaches into its wallet for dollars to pay for the food, but something is strange. The patron’s wallet no longer contains dollars in the regular size. He pulls out his dollars to discover they are one quarter their original size! In fact, they look a little too much like play toy money for children with little hands. When the American patron tries to pay for his take-out Chinese food with the shrunken dollars, the Chinese restaurant manager shakes his head and refuses to accept them as payment. The patron cannot take the food he cannot pay for. The patron, America, will go hungry. China owns the food.

When America can no longer pay for foreign goods, or pay down foreign debt, in dollars, the nation will have to give up its assets. The United States’ leadership, under the influence of its Shadow Government, first stole the value of its own people’s dollars, until this strategy could no longer work. The leadership will then shift to the confiscation of assets. In another dream vision, I saw families across America waking up one morning to discover their treasures had been taken overnight by Asian “burglars”. Americans will watch Chinese walking off with their jewels – their land, their companies, and their precious metals.

Years earlier on February 11, 2011, in a dream vision I saw large ladles pouring soup into bowls for the hungry, who were standing in lines. I heard a voice say, “Make soup.” Soon America and the world will experience hunger as it never has before. Be prepared to feed soup to the many who will hunger. Store supplies of nutritious soup ingredients and learn to purify your water. Prepare yourself to feed the hungry spirit as well as the hungry body. Jesus Christ our King says to us, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40).

Many years earlier, in 2006, in a dream vision I saw a new currency as a gold “coin”. It did not actually contain gold, but it was backed by gold, much of it obtained by manipulation of markets, and some of it outright stolen gold. When I looked to see what words or symbols were stamped on the coin, I could only see one word, the name of the coin’s author: “Illuminati.”

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