Dream, Vaccine




January 15, 2021 2:00 PM
Amanda White

Dream | 10.5.20 @ 7:34 A.M.

I dreamt there were new medical beds that contained vaccination injections for COVID-19 inside their bed frame walls. The beds were able to float and were purple and black, which made me believe they had to do with sorcery or something similar (unless levitation was simply from science and not occult related). People were paying top dollar for these “med beds,” since they were created to heal individuals completely of disease and illness. The production just began of these products, and a very lengthy waiting list was created by purchasers to obtain their product. I remember not feeling quite right about these “med beds”, so I looked at one more closely. The setting was a recovery hospital and I was viewing one of the products in a private room with a patient lying on its base. I saw neon orange and green liquid filled vials that would inject the patients simultaneously and without warning. The serums looked deadly and caused fatal effects on the patients it injected, sometimes to the point of death. As soon as I witnessed this happening, I ran to the doctors, the patient’s family members and the nurse’s stations telling them what I saw and that their patients were being killed by their “med beds” instead of being healed. They thought I was crazy and no one would listen! The media came to the hospital for a press release and spoke with the creators of the product. The media spoke about the “med beds” in a good light, and when I interrupted their interview to expose the truth, everyone there said I was insane. Woke up with a feeling this was related to the actual upcoming vaccines.

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