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Use Your Time Wisely!

July 23, 2020 5:28 PM

On 7.4.20 in the early morning hours I heard in my spirit ‘WASTE NOT – USE YOUR TIME WISELY’. I understood the Holy Spirit was reminding me of the need to focus more on Jesus rather than on the distractions of this life. But then I read the ‘Seven Weeks’ article (by Byron Searle posted on this ‘444ProphecyNews’ site) and thought maybe there was something more. Maybe this was A WARNING FOR THE VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME WE HAVE LEFT TO PREPARE OURSELVES SPIRITUALLY AND PHYSICALLY FOR WHAT IS TO COME UPON THIS EARTH.

Then I heard ‘READ MY WORD. STUDY MY WORD’ and thought of the time soon to come when the bible will be removed from the earth. I turned to Mark 4:19 which says…

“and the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and the desires for other things entering in choke the word, and it becomes unfruitful.”

I then felt led to read one of my books – ‘Kingdom Authority’ by Kynan Bridges. In my spirit I heard ‘WRITE IT DOWN IN IN THE BOOK (referring to my notebook) ‘KINGDOM AUTHORITY – TAKE NOTES.’ Jesus has told us repeatedly that His church is not ready to face the evils that will come upon this earth – even though He equipped the saints with many tools of spiritual warfare. We cannot underestimate the power that is in His authority and that He has commissioned to His sons and daughters.

Then I heard ‘IT IS COMING’! In light of everything that we are seeing and hearing I believe this is pointing to whatever is going to happen beginning with the month of September and the months that follow.

At this point I drifted off to sleep. I had a dream in which I was driving a car on my way to church when I hit a truck. I don’t know how that happened even in my dream but then I remembered seeing a wall of darkness rise up in front of me that prevented me from seeing the car in front of me. The wall was totally pitch black in color and no light could penetrate through it. I believe this dream was an allusion to the Three Days of Darkness which seems to be coming upon us.

This morning 7.22.20 I received the same word again from the Holy Spirit – ‘WATCH YOUR TIME – USE IT WISELY’ – a second warning from the Holy Spirit. I took it more seriously this time and stayed up all night in order to finish up a task the Holy Spirit had given me.

Time is moving swiftly now – there’s no question about that. May we use what little time we have left to draw closer to Jesus and to share His message of love and repentance to those around us.


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  1. Billy Dedeaux

    God bless you brother, you speak the TRUTH !

  2. Sally

    “Utilize your time effectively” is the word I got from the Lord several years ago. So this matches up quite accurately with the word you received from Him.

  3. Thomas Heward

    I have been called to Stand In The Gap for America and in prayer Hold Back His Wrath About To Come Upon Us. I continually get my direction through dreams, his word and the many other ways he speaks to a prophet – that is one of my callings.

    Today He had me looking @ a book I downloaded by Kenneth Hagin. It was titled “The Authority of The Believer” and seems you also spoke of Him speaking to you along these lines.

    So thanks for sharing and also Byron’s Seven Weeks. I need to review that word to see just how I might use His Authority to Extend America’s Time so I can do my calling. Bring a National Revival to The Body of Christ in America!!!

    Pray God give me a partner in ministry because it is better to be praying in agreement with another brother or sister in Christ.

  4. Marc

    In all our ways……… prepare.
    Why is that so hard to understand.
    Antifa does it…..
    Blm marxists /Communists understand and do it…
    Satanist do it…
    Only Christans find it hard to prepare in ALL our ways!!!!!!!!
    Doctrines of churches like once saved always saved/ pre-trib doctrines/the modern western churches have a take it “easy theology”, …. that’s why tribulation distress is needed to produce the true Awakening!!!
    Amen Christ Jesus

  5. Averine Pennington


    Thank you for sharing. A fitting word for the days we are living in. It seems like the last few months have flown by. I believe time has somehow speeded up but we still have the same number of hours in the day. Another one of those mysteries of God! I too feel there is so much to do and so little time. I pray daily the Lord will help me use what time we have left wisely!

    Blessing, my sister,


  6. Lauren L'Italien

    Thank you for your message. It was very affirming for me and I would like pass that affirmation on to you and others who are being led by the Lord at this time to prepare for greater spiritual warfare. This was not a dream and actually happened to me a few days ago. I still have the physical scars from the attack.
    I was sitting in my quiet place, a comfortable room made in our garage, reading messages from this site and praying about studying The Song of Moses, to memorize what I can. Our barn kitty and her 2 four month old kittens were sleeping together nearby. Suddenly, mama kitty got up to investigate something suspiciously, strangely, in the corner….only nothing I or her kittens noticed at all. She had strangely done that the day before as well. She laid down again and, shortly after, the smallest kitten got up to wander under the wood rack. Her mom noticed she had left the group and I watched mom approach the wood rack. Shockingly, she then attacked her kitten! I got up and, from a distance said loudly “hey!” and clapped my hands once. Mom came came out from under the rack , sat about 30″ from me and hissed menacingly at me (she’s always been a sweet young cat). Within 2 seconds, as I stood there with my mouth open, she jumped (but I now believe was demonically thrown) at my face, from that far away while I was standing! I threw her to the ground and she hissed at me again the same way. The force that she hit me with left a large bruise by my shoulder. Four deep claw marks above my opposite eye were dripping blood and I have multiple claw marks above my stomach and other sboulder. She did not bite me and she has shown no other strange behavior. I was shaken, of course, got cleaned up, and spent much time talking to the Lord about it, especially that night in my dream state, which is often when I ask Him questions, and He answers. He said clearly “Next time will be worse!”. I’m thinking “what? Should we put her down ?” and He led me to understand this: “Haven’t you read about this kind of thing before? Haven’t you seen it…known of demons being cast out? You know demonic possession can occur . Why did you just ‘notice’ she was acting strangely the day before and again before she attacked her kitten then you?” I then heard “It (demon)came with _____”. (a young man I had do some work on our property the day before). You need to put on the FULL armor of God and use the authority I have given you!”.
    Oh, also, the day before, that young man had cleaned and repaired our chimney. That very night and the next night (after the attack) my husband and I heard a sound outside at the top of our fireplace where a metal screen and cap exist that sounded like pebbles were being tossed against the cap! It’s got to be 15′ above the ground. Neither of us wanted to go out in the dark to see what it was! We’ll, after I awoke and I heard from the Lord I took authority. I rebuked anything of the enemy from the cat, our garage, our home (and the chimney) ! I have learned a lesson that I believe the Lord wants us to take very seriously. Stand Up!! Put on the full armour
    Of the Lord, be vigilant, expect these attacks and take authority!!! Darker days and many attacks are coming. Be strong and steadfast brothers and sisters. Keep your eyes on the Lord. In His love, Lauren
    P.s. I learned from other posts on this site recently to post the Name Of Jesus (Yahushua) over our door posts. I’ve bought some stencils and am getting some old wood scraps prepared to be repurposed for this. I’m taking it seriously.

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